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Snowshoeing 101: Gear, Planning, & Safety

When the weather gets cold it’s easy to restrict your workouts and weekend activities indoors; but snowshoeing is a great way to winterize your favorite hikes and take advantage of...

How to Use Your Journal for Self Improvement

With the new year starting, everyone is in the mindset to improve. Whether it’s by setting new health goals, starting on that project you’ve been meaning to get to forever,...

11 Beautiful Art Journal Pages to Spark Your Creativity

Do you ever sit down to write in your journal and find yourself completely uninspired? If so, you’re in the right place. We love finding inspiration in how other people...

Guide to Bullet Journaling

If you don’t now, you’ve probably had a journal at one time in your life. Actually, you’ve probably had your fair share of journals—had being the key word. You had...

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