The Rustico Story

Rustico began when Isaac Childs and a few friends picked a journey to live authentic by designing true-to-yourself accessories through American artisanship. And we're still trekkin' it, encouraging the individual to step outside and reach within, to explore and to create.

In spring of 1998, I was addicted to traveling and journaling. I was headed on a backpacking trip to Europe and I debated getting six journals but that would've been overkill, so I bought five. My buddies and I spent most of our time crossing Eastern Europe. I jotted some notes down in the Czech Republic. Scribbled some more in Romania. A few more entries in Helsinki, Finland, which was by far my favorite destination. All in all, I wrote like mad. The post-college trip ended too soon but I had managed to track all 9 weeks of our journey!

That same year I was on a road trip to Glacier National Park. As I pulled my journal out of a rucksack a page fell to the ground. The next day…again, another page gone. Not cool. I was ticked at how the low-quality workmanship put into this journal was slowly destroying my treasured entries. Then and there—something sparked.

I needed a journal that was maul proof and functional—something that wouldn’t hurt my style. It had to last longer than I would. After a disappointing search, enrolling in a bookbinding course, and a few dozen benjamins later, I found myself hunched over a hide of top-¬grade leather and a full ream of 100% imported, cotton rag mill paper. I was on a mission to craft it right with all the proper ingredients.

My first hand¬sewn leather journal was turning heads. Its quality and durability got me and others pretty stoked about the possibilities of other handcrafted pieces. Before long, I had teamed up with my best friends. We made two goals: 1) bring back authentic American craftsmanship 2) business will never get in the way of our friendship.

We barely held our first online store together. But it worked. We had some killer authentic pieces. Then the online orders began to pour in. Success! Others quickly latched onto living more authentically with our products. All that was left was to call the experience Rustico and get back to the shop. To this day…from journals to our wide line of handcrafted accessories for your life, Rustico continues to compliment and inspire the simple, but rooted perspective of living authentic.

Like our top-grain leather, we’ll always wear the journey well in keeping our people, lifestyle, and community on the path of living authentic. So take a road trip. Wax your board. Hit up the mountains. Train for that race. Live intentional. We’ll be alongside with you as you leave your mark.

Made Together

We're a family of artists—adventurous and with our stuff mostly together—handcrafting inspiring lifestyle pieces at our workshop in Orem, Utah.
It's a journey. And we love it.


Craftsman: Hand-Sewing

She walks the trek of life with patience.

Q: Passions?

A: My family, my religion, my craft.



Isaac loves leading by believing the most in the Rustico dream.

Q: Super hero?

A: Master Po. He has the Dragon Scroll and is the secret sauce.


Craftsman: Hand-Sewing

Susan is driven. She does her best at everything she tries and gets her inspiration from her family.

Q: Mantra?

A: What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.


Craftsman: Machine Sewing

He’s a family man in his free time.  

Q: Favorite thing about Utah?

A: The unpredictable weather.


Corporate Culture

Becky is really good at being happy and having fun.

Q: Favorite thing about Utah?

A: The scenery!!! #getoutside



Michelle would like to be remembered for being the coolest person on Earth.  

Q: Personal mantra?

A: Let it go!



Matt thinks he makes us look good. It’s true—he does.

Q: Personal mantra?

A: Color is King.



Eden is passionate about playing fair, sharing everything and not hitting people.  

Q: What inspires you?

A: The fact I don’t know much.


Craftsman: Hand-Sewing

Movies or books. Either will keep her happy.  

Q: One of your talents?

A: Master knitter in the making.



Everything inspires her...every single thing.

Q: What's your mantra?

A: Live to serve others.


Inventory Manager

He's a computer repair guru on the side.  

Q: Your passions?

A: Family, service and cars.


Graphics Department

He will beat you at Ping Pong. Olympic rules.

Q: Favorite thing about Utah?

A: The peace.


Promotional Sales / CSSR

Candace is really good at ping pong, the Rubik’s Cube and awkward dancing.

Q: Grandest roadtrip?

A: Summer trip to Cali. Beach Day every day.


He’s a soccer nut and loves music and the universe.  

Q: Superhero?

A: Spiderman


Craftsman: Leather Cutting

A soccer-loving family man.

Q: Where would you travel?

A: Barcelona, Spain.


Shipping and Receiving

Kevin is happiest under the sun slacklining or rock climbing. Don't look down.  

Q: Superpower?

A: Read minds.

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