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10 Items the World Traveler Needs

Traveler, wanderer, globetrotter, or explorer, whatever you call them we all know someone who is always on the move. This is someone that does a lot of traveling (or the traveling you wish you were doing). We’re always encouraging you to step outside and leave your mark and now with the holidays fast approaching we've got 10 must-have items for the on-the-go traveler. These accessories are geared for everything from an impromptu weekend trip to your nearest National Park or that long-awaited backpacking trip across Europe.


1. Passenger Leather Passport Sleeve

It’s your ticket to see the world! Don’t put off your upcoming trip any longer and put a stamp in your passport while carrying it in our leather passport sleeve. Take only the items you need and nothing you don’t while safely guarding your essential papers in everyone’s favorite traveling sleeve.

2. High Line Leather Pouches 

For smaller travel items we recommend using any of the High Line Leather Pouches. Everything from bathroom items to electronic accessories can be easily stored in any of these strong leather traveling bags that come in three different sizes. 


3. Stowaway Large Leather Pouch

Carry the items you reach for first with the Stowaway Leather Pouch. It’s been designed to hold what you need but still small enough to be tucked into a larger bag.

4. Leather Luggage Tag

For wherever the trip takes you, keep your personal information safe with one of our luggage tags. Choose from either hand sewn or machine sewn and you’ll easily spot your bag when attached to some beautiful top-grain leather.  

5. Nomad Leather Bracelet

Add some beautiful leather to your wrist to remind you to live with intention while enjoying the journey. The Nomad is a favorite bracelet thanks to its thin subtle style and brilliant hand stitched thread.

6. Sidekick Leather Cord Wrap

You’ll forget that you ever had to unwind and untangle cords with the Sidekick Cord Wrap. Organize some of your basic tech accessories and store them tightly in our premium leather roll-up case. Keep it next to your luggage to remind you to pack your headphones.

7. Observer Leather Journal

Compact traveling size, beautiful rough cut pages, and rustic flap tie closure turn this journal into a favorite among travelers and artists. An old-world inspired envelope cut adds to the timeless design making this an heirloom to be passed down for generations.   

8. Super Loop Keychain

The essential go-anywhere and do-anything leather keychain. It’s a simple tried and true design that our skilled artisans have perfected and carefully build by hand every day. You’ll find yourself taking this everywhere!  

9. Traveler Leather Journal

Not only is this journal the one that helped start Rustico, but it’s one of our most popular and one we still build to this day. Take down important notes and keep the memories you want to last in the journal made with traveling in mind. Get a Rustico original tough enough to join you on any upcoming trek.


10. Expedition Leather Notebook

A great traveling companion and one for the best for note taking. You never know where and how often the inspiration will strike. Refillable, built to last, and now with more elastic colors, it’s a fun journal to use.  



We craft a lot of other items great for traveling in addition to the ones mentioned above. There’s also another short list we made of some favorite items as chosen by Rustico employees. You can take the extra step of making your gift more unique and personalize it. Have fun picking out the right holiday gift for that traveler you know and make it a point to take a few more trips yourself!


Step outside, see the world, and leave your mark!