2017 Holiday Gift Guide For The Traveler

Searching for the perfect gifts for your wanderlust friends? We think we may have the winner. We combined our staff picks with customer feedback to build this list for the nomads and globetrotters in your life. 


1. Grant Travel Passport wallet

A fusion between a wallet and passport holder offering you all the essential real estate needed for traveling abroad. It comes with 2 card slots and 2 full-size compartments for your passport and more. Imprinted with a world map across the back as a reminder to see the world. Plus it's new for 2017!

2. Passport sleeve

In today’s world, you can never be too careful when traveling. You want a secure takeoff, while still arriving in style. Dress up your passport in a minimalist and rustic design. 




3. Passport Cover

Yes, this is another option to store your passport in. But as a long time best seller, this cover has traveled the world and proven it's ruggedness. Remember, not all who wander are lost. The Leather Passport Cover keeps your ticket to the world safe whether your in Egypt or Arkansas.

4. Medium stowaway pouch

The medium stowaway is the perfect size to tuck into a larger bag. Take your essentials on the go, whether it be art supplies or cables and cords. 

5. Good Book Buckle

Sometimes leaving your mark requires a few more pages. For committed writers, the Good Book has extra pages, an indestructible hand-stitched binding, and is a convenient carry size perfect for travel. Makes the perfect backpack journal!


6. Nomad Bracelet

This bracelet inspires us to live in the journey. The band features a pewter cast-in-the-USA closure, hand-stitched leather, and a subtle look.

7. Luggage Tag

Take it anywhere, travel breaks the leather in. Our Leather Luggage Tag keeps your personal information personal and your cargo easy to spot.

8. Clip keychain

Made with a military grade HK snap, the Clip Leather Keychain is crafted to clip on or off with ease—right when you need it. With keys securely tucked away you can live free from worry. Go outside in confidence and explore.

9. Money Clip

The Money Clip features a wire clip mechanism that conveniently holds cash in place. It also provides two different slots to store cards. As one of our most loved pieces, this item only gets better with time and use.

10. Handsewn Switchback

Sometimes you want to write and write and write. The Switchback Leather Notebook features top-grain leather with slots for notebook refills, so you can keep a consistent writing experience without limits. 


We hope this list of our favorite travel gifts helped you find what you were looking for. If it didn't you can browse our entire catalog here, or leave a comment below. Safe travels!


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