2017 Holiday At The Office Gift Guide

Having a hard time locating the perfect gifts for your business or office this year? Check out our office holiday recommendations here.

1. Writers Log Large Refillable Notebook

The refillable writer's log is based on our original classic. We took the best of the design and improved on it with a finishing stitch and slots to make it refillable. 


2. Leather Binder Cover

Fits all standard-size three ring binders with 1.5 inch rings. Crafted from top-grain leather, it's a great place to store documents, photos, school work, and more. 

3. Tornado Roller-ball Pens and Pencils

Fine writing instruments by Retro 1951. Each come with a stainless steel barrel and either a smooth roller-ball end or bold 1.15 mm lead. 

4. Hand Sewn Leather Coasters 

Doing our part to save varnished rosewood tabletops one leather coaster at a time. 

5. Leather Wall Pocket

The Leather Wall Pocket is a natural storage solution for paper, mail, magazines, and office supplies. It is hand sewn with the strength of seven cord Irish-waxed linen and secured sturdy brass rivets. 

6. Outpost Leather Desk Blotter

A sturdy, executive desk mat in your color of choice. Leather on one side, soft wool on the other. 

7. Leather Miner Mug

A 16 oz. mason jar tightly hugged with this top-grain leather. Hand stitched and completed with solid copper rivets. 

8. Basin Leather Catch-all 

The thick beautiful leather catch-all tray is a great way to organize your home or office.

9. Ultra Leather Mouse Pad

Working on a worthy pad makes all the difference. This is the smoothest leather pad you'll set your hands on. 

10. Large Leather Pad Portfolio 

Notepads are just better surrounded by top-grain leather. The Large Leather Pad Portfolio features a hand-stitched closure, a pen loop, and interior pockets. 

11. Basecamp Leather Desk Set

Dress your desk with this stylish leather gift set and prevent unwanted scratches and dings while you work. This set uses our extra thick leather. 

A well thought out gift goes a long way. We hope this guide gave you a few ideas. If you didn't see what you were looking for, you can browse our full catalog. Happy holidays.