2017 Home Holiday Gift Guide

You can never go wrong with a gift for the home. See our selection of simple and rustic designs that can add a rustic touch to any home this Holiday. 


1. Leather Wall pocket

Our Leather Wall Pockets are a natural storage solution for paper, mail, magazines, and office supplies. Crafted with rough-cut American cowhide and rich in mid-century charm, this 


 2. Patrol cup sleeve

Drink up with this hand-sewn, versatile leather sleeve. Fits several pint-sized drinking glasses.

 3. Good Book Journal

Sometimes leaving your mark requires a little more pages. For committed writers, the Good Book supplies more pages, a sturdy hand-stitched binding, and a convenient carry size. 


4. High Line Large Leather Pouch

Transport essentials from home to office, trailhead to summit, and cab to airplane securely with the High Line Large Leather Pouch. 


5. Leather Placemat

You know how important presentation is, welcome guests with something that matches the quality of your home. 

6. Medium High Line Canvas Pouch

Featuring premium waxed canvas, a durable leather handle, and a rugged brass zipper, this pouch is sure to protect and secure its contents. 


7. Prestige Playing Card Case

No better family time spent together than around a good card game. Our Prestige playing card case is a premium handsewn leather case with your own copy of Union playing cards. A unique deck designed by top celebrated playing card manufacturer—Theory11. 


8. Leather Bottle Jacket

A top-grain leather jacket for your bottle or can. The Leather Bottle Jacket has the option of 4 thread colors: White, Orange, Blue, and Yellow.


9. Miner Mug

A 16 oz. mason jar tightly hugged with thick top-grain leather. This fun leather beverage is hand stitched with wax linen thread and is an attractive addition to any mealtime. Mason jar included.


10 Beer log

Jot down the aroma and taste that crafts the perfect pint. Great gift for the beer lover in your life. Made refillable for countless entries. 


A well thought out gift goes a long way. We hope this guide gave you a few ideas. If you didn't see what you were looking for, you can browse our full catalog. Happy holidays.