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Father's Day Gift Guide For 2016

Father’s Day is coming up fast—faster than fast! But don’t sweat it; we’ve got the shopping part covered for you. All you have to do is decide which gift is right to show the favorite man in your life how much you appreciate him.

Our Father’s Day gift guide covers an assortment of products for every kind of dad. If your dad enjoys hitting the greens, we’ve got the gift for him. If your dad spends his days on the water, we’ve got the perfect gift for him, too. But we aren’t just providing something tangible to give your dad—we’re also providing printable “Rustico Bucks” so you can pair a special activity with the gift of your choice to make this Father’s Day the best one yet.

1. On the River Gift Set

You may not understand why your dad stays up late cleaning, sharpening and organizing his fishing gear after he’s just spent his entire Saturday out fishing. How could one man spend so much time alone (minus the fish) messing with fish and fishing gear? But all skilled fishermen know you need to have and maintain the right tools to keep catching fishing. Help your dad always be prepared out on the river and get his catch of the day by giving him this gift set that includes our leather Fishing Log and a Helle Norway Spider Knife.

2. On the Fly Gift Set

If your dad’s pretty fly, a pretty fly fisherman that is, then this is the gift set for him. Our Fly Fish Log and Fly Book are two things your dad probably doesn’t have with his current fly gear, but they’re two things every amateur and professional fly fisherman needs.

3. Wine Lover Gift Set

Eyeing, swirling, sniffing, drinking—if these four things are how your father spends most nights after work, then look no further than our Wine Lover Gift Set. Our Wine Log in beautiful burgundy and Symmetry Coasters in a deep cinnamon scream sophistication and are an easy choice for the wine enthusiast in your life.

4. On the Green Gift Set

The country club has its standards, and looking good is one of them. Let the dapper golfer in your life easily keep score from hole to hole, and help him accessorize with his brightly-colored polo and shorts on the golf course with our stylish black leather Golf Log and money clip.

5. Men’s Everyday Carry Gift Set

Your dad likely has his everyday shoes, belt and watch he wears—now give him an everyday dark brown leather wallet, key chain and split band to take with him as well. Every man can’t leave home without money and car keys, and this gift set shows your dad you care that he’s always ready to take you to the mall to buy the latest trendy item you can’t live without.

6. Refillable Leather Writers Log

Whether your dad is a self-proclaimed author ready to tell his next story or an old-school businessman with lots of tasks and notes to keep track of, he needs a place to write it all down. This large leather log, with a handy flap style closure, provides the space and privacy your creative dad is looking for, and even includes a convenient refillable lined notebook.

7. Wilderness Gift Set

Does your dad think he’s the next Bear Grylls? Well keep his fantasy alive by gifting him our Wilderness Gift Set. This set includes our leather Hunting Log and a strong Bruk Hatchet, so no matter where in the wild your dad ends up, he’s got the essentials he needs to stay alive and fed.

8. On the Lake Gift Set

Our on the lake gift set is for the fathers who prefer water over land. Complete with our Fishing Log and a Helle Norway Fossekallen Knife, ensure your favorite fisherman spends his free time on the lake prepared with all the right equipment to bring you home a tasty dinner.

9. Basecamp Leather Desk Set

If your father is all about form and function, but doesn’t skimp on style either, then our Basecamp Leather Desk Set is exactly what he needs. The durable and smooth dark brown leather desk pad, mouse pad and coaster works as hard as your dad to keep his desk clean of unwanted scratches and coffee mug stains. Buy him two so he can have one at home and one at the office!

Your dad has done a lot for you over the years, so while he’ll still love you even if you do give him another silk tie or “Father of the Year” t-shirt, give him something he’ll really like and actually use this year. Click to download and print these Rustico Bucks today to accompany with your favorite products.

And not that parents should pick favorites, but if you buy a Rustico product for your dad this Father’s Day, it’s a pretty safe bet you’ll earn the favorite child status.

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