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For the Outdoor Adventurer

“But I love to be outdoors. I prefer being outdoors to, you know, being inside.” - Keith Carradine

When was the last time you spent some quality time outside? In a busy world where many screens demand your attention, it’s important to take advantage of those moments to be in nature and leave your devices behind. We design and handcraft leather products to inspire and enhance any life experience.

Take a look at some items that make great gifts for any outdoor adventurer and explorer. 

Phoenix Copper Water Bottle

Stay hydrated while on the trail with the best-looking water bottle out there. Our Copper Water Bottle joins the natural health benefits of copper with quality craftsmanship. We have it wrapped in a hand-sewn three-piece leather sleeve for a firm grip and a great long-term patina look.

Leather Fishing Log

Write down your observations and record every catch (or close attempt) with our Leather Fishing Log. This log book becomes an essential tool for those that love to escape and spend some quiet time fishing.

Rustico Men’s Leather Belt

Every guy needs a durable belt that withstands the outdoors, looks great, and will last for years. Rugged and strong, this item is a recent addition to our lineup of premium leather products and has quickly become a favorite. We ensure this belt is handcrafted with the highest quality and the finest materials.

Tahoe Travel Duffle

For the trip ahead, bring your essentials along in our new Tahoe Travel Duffle bag. We’ve combined rugged waxed canvas with our top-grain leather to craft a bag that always makes that weekend getaway a real possibility. Choose from 4 color combinations and get what will be your new go-to bag.

Ember Leather Lighter Sleeve

It’s not a camping trip without an evening fire to sit around. Now you can protect your lighter with our Ember Leather Lighter Sleeve. This unique item is hand-stitched using strong Irish waxed linen and embossed with our flame emblem. Add a rustic element to your camp with this favorite Rustico item.

Faribault Wool Utility Blanket

The Utility Blanket from Faribault is constructed to be lightweight and breathable while still being warm enough for any cold night. We love these blankets and enjoy taking ours everywhere, from the mountains to the park. These wool blankets are proudly made in America and using equipment from over a hundred years ago that made top quality their standard.

Picture taken by Hannah Voxland


Field Notes Leather Folio

No detail goes unnoticed while using our Field Notes Leather Folio outdoors. Designed to perfectly cover your Field Notes Memo Books, this folio has our new stud closure, two interior pockets, and an external pen sleeve. Conveniently stow it in your pocket or small bag.


Writer’s Log Large Refillable Leather Notebook

Using the traditional design, we made a few small tweaks to our original Writer’s Log and crafted the Refillable Writer’s Log Notebook. It’s easily one of our most popular notebooks due to the ability to add more inserts and continue writing throughout the years.

Super Loop Leather Keychain

A classic design meets the ultimate functional keychain with our Super Loop Keychain. Pick any of our leather colors to create an accessory that is sure to have others asking about it. Secure your keys and get outside to leave your mark!


Explorer Leather Satchel

Just like Indiana Jones, you’ll need a trusty side bag for each adventure. Built from top grain leather and carefully handcrafted, our Explorer Satchel has everything needed in a good bag. If you’re looking for even more premium features then take a look at the Explorer Plus Leather Satchel.  



Our hope is that you will also strive to live intentionally and make it a point to step outside. Don’t forget to pause and snap a picture while you’re out with your Rustico items in the wild and tag @rusticomade and #myrustico.