Leather Gifts for Valentine's Day, Weddings, and Anniversaries

Leather Gifts for Valentine's Day, Weddings, and Anniversaries

We love leather and all its characteristics! It's one of those unique materials that engages all your senses and never fails to leave an impression. Few materials exhibit the longevity of leather or its ability to gracefully age. For these reasons and a bunch more, leather products make great gifts—no matter the occasion or celebration. See some of our favorites below.



Valentine’s Day

Flowers and candy and stuffed animals usually claim this holiday, but you can switch it up with leather and give your Valentine a gift they will have for years to come. We lovingly handcraft each item with only the best materials so the perfect gift can be part of your romantic evening.


Love Journal

We created this special journal specifically for documenting your love story. It’s a templated couple’s journal with space for each person to respond to prompts about relationship history, firsts, and knowledge of one another. There is even a middle section with thick pages to paste photos or notes. Choose from the classic design or the limited edition.


Rustico Candle

Smell is one of our most powerful senses and pleasing scents can even positively affect mood. The Rustico Candle comes in five brilliant scents that aren’t overpowering. Get several hours of burn time and then repurpose the candle vessel—our recommendation is planting a succulent inside.


Brag Book

Find 40 of your favorite photos together and place them inside the perfect mini photo album. As the two of you flip through the photos, you’ll be reminded of all the amazing memories you share. For a special touch, personalize the cover with your names, a favorite quote, or a significant date.



Unless we’re talking leather, there aren’t a lot of wedding gifts the couple will still have twenty-five years down the road. This is where the timelessness and endurance of leather become evident. While leather goods are not among the typical gifts you see at weddings, that’s really what makes them all the more special.


Guest Book

An essential part of every wedding and something that should be top-quality and long-lasting is the Guest Book. Ours starts with premium archival pages with rough-cut edges that are then sewn into a top-grain leather cover with Irish waxed linen thread. It’s a handcrafted work of art.


Big Idea Album

The versatility of the Big Idea Album has made it a favorite for weddings. With 10x10 pages, there is plenty of space to paste photos while also leaving room for guests to write a message and sign their names.


Family Photo Album

This traditional photo album is stunning and timeless. The interior has thick, archival-quality pages to display all your favorite photos from the big day. The Family Photo Album looks great sitting on a coffee table and will definitely be a conversation-starter.



Handcrafted leather goods make one-of-a-kind anniversary gifts, but the third anniversary is where they really shine. The traditional gift for the third wedding anniversary is something made of leather. After three years of marriage, the couple has likely noticed the durability, flexibility, and strength of their relationship. Three years is an impressive milestone and leather is a symbol of the marriage lasting forever.


Third Year Anniversary Gift Sets

We have three exclusive gift sets for celebrating the third anniversary. Each gift set includes handpicked favorites packaged in a gift box of your choice. Browse each set below. Congratulations on three years!

For Her

For Him

For Them

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