Pairing the Right Gifts

Pairing the Right Gifts

It’s that time of year. That time when your heart turns to those around you and you eagerly search for ways to express your love. Picking the perfect gift to show just how grateful you are and how excited you are for the adventures ahead isn't always easy. You want the gift to be one that lasts. One that is unique and truly fits each individual.

Unforgettable Gifts 

Whether you are shopping for a fly fisher, a golfer or the one who prefers to stay inside with a book, finding a gift set is easy with Rustico. We take the time to make each gift set unique and personal because each person in your life is unique. Each gift set is more than just a gift for Christmas. It is a gift of promise. It’s a promise of the adventure ahead and experiences to be had. It’s a promise of lasting memories to be shared.

And so we invite you to settle in for a Rustico Christmas story, featuring a few of our many gift sets and some other great items to pair with them.

A Rustico Christmas Story

‘Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the cabin,
Christmas has been prepared
The way only this man can. 

Gifts for the kids,
They were perfectly picked.
The best gift sets yet,
I didn’t have to scrimp even a bit!

For my son, a Leather Tech Sleeve + Refillable Notebook Gift Set.
With a Rustico Notebook, and tech sleeve,
Combined with a bamboo WeWood Watch,
By buying it, we even saved a tree.

Waxed Canvas Lunch Bag + Copper Bottle Gift Set,
It’s perfect for my on-the-go daughter.
Particularly the canvas lunch bag, 

Add in the Womens Leather Clutch Gift Set for my wife!
The lip balm holder is great and she’ll love the clutch,
Toss in a Pendleton Motor Robe throw,
She can carry it in her bag, won’t need a coat.

I wouldn’t dare forget the father in law,
A gift set for him too, Leather Golf Log + Golf Accessory Bag Gift Set.
The Rustico Golf Log and pencil, just for him,
In case of rain, a Golf G1 Umbrella from Huckberry.

And for me, a Beard Grooming Gift Set
And a Favorites Gift Set from Burt’s Bees.
A perfect Santa, I was…
Now I close my eyes and of Christmas, I dream.


Gifts are not just things for the moment. They are the future wrapped piece by piece. They are the start of a new year of dreams. 


Create some unforgettable memories with any of our gift sets this holiday season. Now is the time to get caught up helping others and leaving a legacy.


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