10 Groomsmen Gifts They'll Use Well Beyond the Big Day

10 Groomsmen Gifts They'll Use Well Beyond the Big Day

Groomsmen gifts are an important wedding tradition and a great way to express gratitude for the stellar guys in your life. These men have probably been a part of your life for years and will be helping plan and carry out the events in your wedding. Show them how much their support means to you. We’ve created this gift guide highlighting the top 10 Rustico items (in all price ranges) to help you pick the perfect gift he’ll use well beyond the big day.


Golf Log + Golf Accessory Bag Gift Set

This remarkable gift set brings together the Golf Log and the Golf Accessory Bag with bamboo golf tees and a copper ball marker. Everything is packaged inside your choice of gift box for a grand presentation. Give him everything he needs for a relaxing, post-wedding day out on the green!


Men’s Leather Belt

The right belt can last forever. This is that belt. Thick full-grain leather and strong hardware are the ingredients that set this one apart. Forget about matching socks for the guys and choose long-lasting belts instead!


High Line Large Pouch

This one’s a favorite among everyone. Loved for its artisan craftsmanship, its durability, and its versatility. The High Line Large Pouch is great as a toiletry bag and makes an even more practical groomsmen gift for destination weddings.


Traveler Journal

Give your buddies an original. This rugged journal is what started Rustico. With a bunch of ways to journal and even more reasons to do so, this gift will be a very beneficial one. Choose from the flap-tie closure for an old-world look or the buckle closure for a simple, modern look.


Kaweco Al Sport Fountain Pen

There are pens and then there are fountain pens. Besides feeling truly refined when writing with the Al Sport Fountain Pen, the smooth ink flow creates an effortless experience. An added bonus? Next-level handwriting.


Beer Log

This is a truly unique gift for the beer connoisseurs in your group. We’ve made it refillable so they can be as ambitious with their sampling as they want. Paired with a few bottles or cans, the party can keep on going!


Knox Bifold Wallet

We call this “the classic wallet you’ll pass down for generations.” The timeless design and skilled craftsmanship make that possible. The Knox Bifold looks especially classic when we add laser engraved initials.


Hand Sewn Coasters – Set of Four

Watching sports is not the same without your favorite beverage. Stick your mug on a tough coaster to ensure your tabletop is safe from damage. Each coaster is a two-piece design featuring thick hand-stitching.


Money Clip Wallet

Everything you love about a money clip without having to sit on one. The Money Clip Wallet was designed with a wire clip on the interior and two pockets for cards. That’s it. The minimal design makes it perfect for front pocket carry.


Clip Keychain

We make this keychain with a military-grade HK snap so keys will be extremely secure wherever they are clipped. With sleek, all-black hardware, it looks as cool as it is durable.



We hope you’ve found some solid choices! Don’t forget to add a name or initials to really set each gift apart. If you’re wondering when to hand out the goods, see what this expert suggests.

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