New Years Gift Guide 2021

Top Gifts for the New Year

There's a sense of excitement when we're at the start of something new—a new book, a new season of a favorite TV show, or a new journal. It's the same with a new year. As it lies before us, we can envision the possibilities associated with a fresh start. There are opportunities to improve, opportunities to dream big, and opportunities to carry this year's accomplishments into next. Here are a few picks to help ring in the new year!


Bullet Journaling Starter Gift Set

Bullet journaling is extremely versatile and can completely change the way you keep a journal. This set includes our Bullet Journaling Notebook as well as all basic accessories in a very presentable gift box.


Bullet journaling notebook leather


Five Year Journal

The Five Year Journal is great for those who need a little more writing direction. There are 365 prompts to be answered each year over five years. This method helps you develop the habit of journaling and ultimately creates a record of memories and growth.


Leather five year journal



Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is an excellent resolution and one that will change your life. The pages are designed with prompts to guide you and help you stick with gratitude practice. Regarding gratitude, Rustico's founder/CEO says, “One of the common themes I noticed from my daily entries is that often my struggles and challenges were providing the most impactful moments to be grateful for.” See it here and see the special edition here.


Weekly Task Planner

Available in Small or Large, our Weekly Task Planner is refillable with un-dated pages so it can be started at any time and reused for years. You’ll have a monthly view, a weekly view, and foldable pages to keep notes or to-do lists.


leather planner weekly daily



Journey Photo Album

Chronicle your journey in a compact yet spacious photo album. The Journey holds an impressive 100 photos and has an old-world handsewn binding and flap-tie closure. This one’s a favorite with over 100 5-star reviews!


Leather Bookmark

A practical gift for those looking to cross more books off their To-Read List this coming year. The Leather Bookmark is much more durable than traditional bookmarks and you can’t beat the classic look.


Leather bookmark handmade



Kaweco Brass Sport Fountain Pen

Here at Rustico, we love our pens. One of our recent finds is German-made Kaweco. Their Brass Sport Fountain Pen is made of solid brass with a screw-on cap and chrome-plated steel nib. This deluxe pen creates a soft and smooth writing experience.


Premium pens



Blackwing Pencils

You may not know this, but many famous creators—including authors, animators, and Academy Award winners—have used Blackwing pencils. Pair these iconic pencils with any of our journals to create your best work.



Any of these favorites will help celebrate a fresh start. Looking for something else? Browse our full collection here!

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