Treasure Those Around You

Treasure Those Around You

When was the last time you said “thank you” out of the blue? Do you find yourself expressing your gratitude as often as you’d like? The incredible power behind a sincere “thank you” especially when someone really needs to hear it or isn’t expecting it, really makes an impact.

A thoughtful gift shows you care and expresses your love in a meaningful way. It’s even better if you can gift something that they will use every day and treasure for a long time. It doesn’t need to be a special occasion; the best gifts come unexpectedly. We handcraft items that stem from our purpose to: live with intention and invite you to do the same.

Take a look at our top three gifts for both men and women that are excellent for saying thank you.


For Men:

Golf Log w/Pocket  

Up for another round? Our Golf Log can improve his game and track his score in style. There’s no need to worry about losing the pencil either as we’ve sewn a pocket for it right on the cover.


Writer’s Log Large Refillable Notebook

Secured and held shut with a rustic flap tie closure, this leather journal becomes one that he can pass down years later. He’s going to enjoy looking back to see all the journal inserts he’s filled over the years with thoughts and experiences?


High Line Large Leather Pouch  

Easily one of our most popular items for men, and it’s no surprise. The Large High Line Pouch can hold whatever he needs it to. It’s so rugged we’ve seen it hold everything from shop tools, camping equipment, toiletries, camera lenses, art supplies and more.


For Women:

Soft Leather Binder

Praised for its supple appearance and versatility, our Soft Leather Binder will hold important documents, family recipes, scrapbook pages and more. Before long it becomes an heirloom by holding whatever papers, sheets, or photos you need it to.


Journey Leather Photo Album

Compact. Durable. Handcrafted. Timeless. Exactly what you need to store all those memories. Give her an authentic item that invokes memories and allows her to keep her favorite pictures safe.


Scout Satchel

It’s the last bag you’ll ever need and the first thing you’ll grab before heading out the door. We designed it for a casual day out whether around town or a short weekend hike. Take it with you for some exploring!


One of the coolest things about leather gifts is the more you use them the better they look. The scratches and scuffs you leave across the leather, and the patina that develops serve as a reminder of where you’ve been, who you’ve met, and how you’ve lived. Give your friend or family member something they will absolutely love using and share a heartfelt thank you.


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