10 Settings for Your Candle

10 Settings for Your Candle

The release of our new line of candles prompted us to make a list of some of the best areas to place these candles. Read how to change the makeup of any room in the home or studio by adding a great looking and smelling candle. 



Sometimes food smell can be overpowering especially when it’s garlic, onions or cabbage. A nicely scented candle will counteract those strong food smells and add a sweetness to the air. Our candle scents are inspired by tones such as fresh coastal forests, timeless leather, green Juniper trees and other smells from the great outdoors.   

Dining Area

Add subtle ambiance to a dining room table with a candle to enhance the mood and invite warm dinner conversation. The tabletop is the best place for creating an impressive mealtime presentation.

Living Room

When hosting family and/or friends, sit back and enjoy an added dose of comfort of your home with candles in your living room. When you can’t be outside it’s nice to have the smell of cedar, pine, or other smells of nature right in the heart of your home.


The sweet aroma of a candle can quickly eliminate those “less-than-pleasant” odors and make any visit to the bathroom refreshing. You can also relax and dip into a nice bath with nearby candles creating an aesthetic unlike any other.


Keep the sweet smell of your favorite fragrance close by with a candle or two in the bedroom. You’ll enjoy curling up with your favorite book or sitting down for your favorite show with the soft glow of a candle in the background.


Lighten up your workplace with a candle and create an atmosphere ripe for creativity. Prominently placed candles make for an inviting environment that welcomes visitors into any lobby or boardroom.


Nothing brings relaxation and serenity like the right group of candles in the spa or next to the hot tub. You can place candles in a dark corner and brighten up an otherwise dull area and create a spot of meditation and repose.

Outside Porch or Patio

Candles are a unique light source that creates an intimate and memorable outdoor setting. Add that warm candle glow to any outdoor setting by introducing a candle to your back deck or patio area.

Laundry room

If you’ve got a laundry room that smells more like old pipes than fresh linens a strategically placed candle can make a world of difference. Don’t give a tour of your home or let guests walk past this room without it smelling pleasant and crisp. 


Add rustic ambiance to these and other places with any of the new Rustico candles that create the right atmosphere. Whether it’s our rustic leather candle scent or the aroma of morning coffee we offer some great new candles from our signature line. Don't forget to reuse and repurpose your candle vessel after it's spent and use your green thumb skills to grow a small succulent plant inside!   


Make sure that wherever you set your candles that you use caution and practice proper fire safety guidelines. Each of our Rustico candles has steps on the bottom that should be followed for safely enjoying your candle.





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