Brave the Cold and Step Outside

Brave the Cold and Step Outside

Even with the cold weather, there are plenty of engaging activities you can do when there’s snow on the ground. Take a look through some fun endeavors you and your friends can enjoy this winter.


This is a classic winter activity and one where you should go where the snow is deep to do a bit of exploring. Snowshoeing is one of the most “down to earth” activities and is growing in popularity. If you are going for the first time, we’ve found a great list of the top 10 places to try snowshoeing for the first time. For those in Utah, or that plan to visit this winter, here are 5 of the best trails to head up and explore everything Utah has to offer.

Ice Skating

You don’t have to be a great skater to enjoy some leisure skating at your local rink or pond if possible. Gliding across the ice (especially with that special someone😉) is a relaxing way to stay active, and without having to work up a sweat. We love this traditional way of stepping outside and enjoying the cold winter weather.

For an epic journey, watch this awe-inspiring video of skaters and filmmakers in the remote backcountry of Alaska.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Few feelings can match the rush that comes from shooting down a powdery slope with cold air in your face and poles in hand. From Shaun White to Lindsay Vonn, there some well-known winter athletes that are constantly pushing the limits of their sport and inspiring others. Gather your gear and always check the avalanche safety conditions before you head out.


Shovel Snow

Find small ways to give back this season. One way to do this is shoveling the sidewalk of a neighbor after a fresh blanket of snow has fallen. Surprise them by doing it early enough that you get to it before they do. You can put on your headphones and it will turn into a good workout.


Ice Fishing

When you can’t actually be in the stream in your waders, fishing on top a frozen pond is a fun alternative when it’s cold out. Safety is key to a great experience, so here are some things to keep in mind before you head for the lake. Of course, you’ll want to track what you reel up in one of our Leather Fishing Log Books.  

Winter Picnic

Layer up and brush the snow off that park bench to enjoy a meal outside. You’ll miss your warm fireside chair, but will be able to spend some quality time outside. Your dog will also enjoy running around for a while. Take some tomato soup, a grilled cheese sandwich, and your thermos of hot chocolate to a nearby park or lake. Set aside this time to do some journaling as you sit and reflect.

Photo Expedition

Grab a friend for a trip across the city or into the woods and snap some pictures of how your favorite places look differently when dressed in frost and snow. If you already enjoy photography and have your own camera, you’ll discover that dramatic light and fresh snow make familiar scenes come alive. Here are a few other ways in which this is the best season for photography.


Get Cozy

Sometimes the best winter activity can be less about going outside and more about staying inside. Pamper yourself with a nice bath using some great accessories or enjoy some indulgent reflecting time in front of the fireplace. While it gets colder and darker earlier, you can invite some of the best scents from outside into your home with one of our new Rustico scented candles.

Holiday Crafting

Put on some holiday music and create something new to display around the house. There are plenty of fun ideas on Pinterest that are perfect for making something fun like a unique decorative holiday wreath. You can even build your own Rustico journal using one of our DIY kits and have a timeless gift from the heart to give away.


Four Seasons Camping

Be bold! Take your best and warmest gear up the snowy mountainside and sleep in a winter wonderland. This takes extra preparedness so get gear that has a high R-value and down-fill. Take time for proper planning to ensure a memorable trip. Carry along your wool blanket with the rest of your essential gear.

There are lots of adventures you can have and memories to can create this holiday season. Brave the cold, grab your Rustico, and get outside to leave your mark!


If you’re waiting for some last minute inspiration when it comes to great holiday gifts, we have gift guides to help you put some Rustico under their tree.

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