11 Beautiful Art Journal Pages to Spark Your Creativity

11 Beautiful Art Journal Pages to Spark Your Creativity

Do you ever sit down with your journal and find yourself completely uninspired? If so, you’re in the right place. We always find inspiration by seeing how other people use their journals. These are some of our favorite art journal pages including doodles, collages, bullet journaling, and more. Which one is your favorite?


1. The outdoors often bring a lot of inspiration. Step into nature’s splendor and start drawing like Sara Boccaccini Meadows did with this one at Joshua Tree National Park.


2. Some of the most creative journals we’ve seen have been bullet journals. Check out AmandaRachLee on YouTube and watch her set up her journal each month. You’ll leave inspired!


3. Color, color, color! We love Carolyn Gavin’s use of color in her eye-catching illustrations.


4. Ever thought about painting in your journal? Tara Jane creates incredible art using the gouache method.


5. Here’s another artist who loves to paint in her journal. We love Sarah Walsh’s style and use of color.


6. The fun art of Marc David is like Andy Warhol meets downtown wall murals. We dig it!


7. There’s nothing like a travel journal with art, writing, and mementos. Merel Djamila is a visual designer who started art journaling because the digital world got her missing paper and paint. We feel that!


8. A vision board but in your journal. Choose some power words and aspirational imagery like Pink Spark Studio does.


9. Mini art journals are just so cool! This one by Alisa Burke is full of patterns and splashes of color.


10. Something you can also do in your journal is create a collage. Clover Robin creates collages of all her new sights while traveling.


11. Back in 2017, Lee Foster-Wilson completed a 100-day project of celebrity animal puns. These are creative in more ways than one. See more here!


Which one of these inspires you the most? With a blank page in a journal, there are almost endless possibilities for what you can do to make it yours. If you’re looking for a unique place to create your works, check out our old-world journals, sketchbooks, and Bullet Journaling Notebook.


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