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11 Beautiful Art Journal Pages to Spark Your Creativity

Do you ever sit down to write in your journal and find yourself completely uninspired? If so, you’re in the right place. We love finding inspiration in how other people choose to use their journals. These are some of our favorite pages including doodles, stickers, hand lettering, and more. Which one is your favorite?

1. We loved this one from Jenny’s Sketchbook – who wouldn’t want to journal on a page with a beautifully painted snake or an ombre color swatch?

2. Hope from Besottment sews things like pockets and envelopes into her journal. Not only is it gorgeous, but it gives her so much more space to write and create!

3. The owner of this journal – Kolby Kirk – hiked almost 1,700 miles of the Pacific Coast Trail and filled 850 journal pages with little pieces of his journey, including everything from juice from blackberries he found on the trail to receipts from long-awaited hamburgers.

4. This journal’s author pastes in pictures, maps, and other items to turn his book into a mix between a scrapbook and a diary.

5. This one was made using paint and stencils to create the geographic planet-like shapes. Not only that, but the paint was done on top of a collage of book pages.

6. Abbey uses intricate hand lettering and cute illustrations to journal her travels. We’re obsessed with everything she does, so check out her Instagram feed for more inspiration!

7. This artist, Marta, uses a decoupage technique to make beautiful and unique designs on her journal pages. This one is mesmerizing.

8. We love the idea of choosing a color scheme for a page and going from there. This one turned out so pretty, and just looking at it brightens your mood.

9. This “tiny journal” filled with ripped pages to create interesting images and scenes is one of our favorites. Even if you don’t feel super artistic, something like this would be easy to do.

10. Even though this one is a planner page and not necessarily a journal page, we loved the texture added here and the way it looks organized but still creative.

11. Another travel journal, but the idea to do cover pages for each place visited helps you separate their thoughts and become more connected to your explorations.

Which one of these inspires you the most? With a blank page in a journal, there are almost endless possibilities for what you can do to make it yours. If you need a new one, make sure you check out our durable leather journals.


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