2018 Mt. Timpanogos Log Book

2018 Mt. Timpanogos Log Book

We recently met as a team to make our annual hike to the summit of Mt. Timpanogos that towers over the entire Utah County Valley. We carried with us a custom Big Idea Log Book designed for all who reach the top to record their thoughts, dreams, and words of encouragement.  

Last summer we hiked up to Mt. Timpanogos and carried with us a custom Big Idea Log Book for those who reach the top to record their thoughts and words of encouragement. The tradition continues. We arrived early on a Saturday morning to make the climb up the mountain.


The Climb

Mount Timpanogos is the second tallest mountain in Utah’s Wasatch Range and stands nearly 12,000 ft. It’s a popular trail destination for locals and out of state hikers. The scenery on the climb up is incredible. The Timpooneke Trail difficulty level is rated as strenuous due to the over 4,500 ft. in elevation gained on the ascent.

A couple of the popular summit hikes include the Aspen Grove Trail which runs 8.3 miles one way and starts on the mountain’s east side. The Timpooneke Campground trail also leads to the summit and is nearly 7.5 miles beginning at the Timpooneke Campground in American Fork Canyon.

Those who make the trip are treated to a variety of wildlife including a family of mountain goats and other small mammals. Early August is a great time to hike if you’d like to see endless blooming wildflowers.

Most hikers will start very early (often 3 or 4 am in the morning) in order to reach the top for the sunrise and views that come with a new dawn. Take good hiking shoes and dress in layers especially if hiking during the evening. While there is water along the trail to be found it will need to be purified before drinking. Your Hike Guide has some great info and in-depth list of items to take.  

The name Timpanogos comes from Native Americans who once lived in the area and it means “water on rock.” This is due to the snowfield at the top that never melts. Early surveyors constructed an old shack that sits at the top and used it as a place to triangulate their position from the peak.

We are going back up in a couple of months to see how the log book looks. If you hike Timp take a minute to leave your name and a quick note in the log book. Our team is always striving to inspire others to create, get outside and live intentionally. The goal is for the Mt. Timp log book to help push you to do those things.


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