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3 Free Desktop Backgrounds to Inspire Your Journey

At Rustico, we’re all about the journey. We want you to be inspired to get out there and see new places and experience amazing things, and we also want to help you embark on the inner journey of self-creation and introspection.

If you look around our office, everyone has screensavers or post-it notes with uplifting quotes and reminders to keep going on this journey through life and to make the most of it. So we thought we would share the inspiration and provide some free desktop backgrounds so you can do the same.

Just right click on the images to save them to your computer and set them as your background or screensaver. And then don’t forget to remind yourself of your goals every day. Where will your journey take you next?



If you’re craving more ways to get inspired, head over and download our 365 days of journal prompts! Each day will bring you something new to write about and reflect on.


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