Tips to Conquer Writer's Block

Tips to Conquer Writer's Block

Many times, the blank page induces fear. It’s not always easy to know what to write or how to begin, but we can assure you keeping a journal is a worthy endeavor. As you regularly spend time journaling, you will begin to experience the many associated benefits. Below are 3 of our best tips for conquering writer’s block.


Silence Your Inner Critic

We tend to be our own worst critic and this stops creativity dead in its tracks. It is essential to push past this internal negativity or insistence of perfection if we are ever to write a single word.

Eliminate Distractions

This world is full of distractions that make it difficult to put pen to paper. If you’ve set aside time to write but are distracted by noise or notifications, do what you can to reduce these. With phones being a top distraction, try putting yours on silent mode and moving it to another room.

Change Your Scenery

Sometimes the best way to spark creativity is by changing your scenery. Something as simple as venturing outside with your journal could be just what you need to start writing.


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