4 Unusual Sources of Inspiration

4 Unusual Sources of Inspiration

Books, music, and travel have long been celebrated as surefire sources of inspiration. But there are countless unsung heroes whose presence, company, and mere existence have provided powerful inspiration to creatives and deep thinkers.

Regardless of why you’re seeking inspiration – to get out of a rut, come up with your next great idea, solve a complicated problem, elevate your thinking, change your lifestyle – switching up your surroundings can be the perfect way to support the process.

Running out of places to find new inspiration? There are a handful of sources available around the clock to the inspiration-hungry.


It’s no wonder adults envy the mental state of children. Their unimpeded natural curiosity, sense of forgiveness and satisfaction with the present state of life is something to be admired. Spending time around kids can reinvigorate our sense of imagination and lightheartedness. It can clear out negativity and allow creativity and inspiration a place to breathe.

The news

Despite its reputation for being the best source of daily downers, the news isn’t all bad. Sprinkled throughout the news in every city are small business success stories, short reports of kindness, positive development in the community, and cases of people working together to do something that matters. Recognize the good bits and seek them out often.

Coffee shops

If you tend to gain inspiration from people watching, coffee shops are a no brainer. They’re a perfect place for picking up little insights, witnessing small kindnesses, appreciating the uniqueness of people, and benefitting from the energy of minds and hands at work. Add a touch of caffeine to that mix, and the corner coffee shop can become a home for productive brainstorming.

The office

American office culture is ripe with life lessons. And from communication and planning to sparking creativity, getting others involved, and taking risks, the office doesn’t have to be a suffocating box. Keeping eyes, ears, and imagination open can help absorb inspiration around the clock.

Plan and simple, inspiration can’t be forced. But changing up our surroundings, breaking routines, doing spontaneous and unexpected things, and simply listening to someone else can create countless inspiration opportunities.

Get out of the house. Take a walk. Do something you don’t normally do. Sources of inspiration are quite literally everywhere. Simply make the choice to see them that way.


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