5 Best Rustico Traveling Items as Picked by Our Employees

5 Best Rustico Traveling Items as Picked by Our Employees

Everyone here in the Rustico family strives to inspire all to live intentionally and with purpose. As a group of artisans, creators, and explorers, we look to leave our mark in every journey. We’ve put together a short list of items chosen by employees that they love and have become essential items as they travel. 


1. Medium High Line Pouch 

This is my number 1 travel accessory! I love the size dimensions of the Medium High Line because it’s big enough to carry all my toiletry yet compact enough it doesn’t take much space in my cargo. I pack it in my carry-on all the time. Whether it’s a weekend getaway or 7-day trip, this high line joins me in all my travels. I get compliments all the time about this item too.  

 - Bryan Gutierrez, Marketing Manager


2. Cord Trap

First of all, I love having my headphones with me at all times when traveling. Second, I hate tangled cords. It's puzzling how you can tuck away your headphones in your pocket and when you go to use them they come out in swiss knots. A solution to avoid that is this Leather Cord Trap. It helps keeps them tangle free! I enjoy listening to my music on the plane, trains, walking around the city, and at the gym.

- Bryan Gutierrez, Marketing Manager


3. Expedition Leather Notebook

I use my Expedition Notebook every day for fitness goals and as a work out log to record goals and how I am feeling each morning. Budget planning is important and I use it for that too.  I like it better than my phone because it looks nice and it is durable so I can throw it on the ground without worrying about it getting damaged. The smell of the leather is one of my favorite parts. You can’t beat the smell of genuine leather in the morning! The dot grid is also very appealing. Before I go to work I write down the things I need to accomplish and things I need to remember throughout the day. I love that it’s refillable and can hold two inserts at a time. I just actually gifted one to my dad that I personalized and he loves it!

 - Jack Kevesdy, Retail Brand Specialist


Expedition Leather Notebook

It’s my idea journal, my idea list to-do list, walking journal. It’s perfect enough that it can go everywhere with me. Easily accessible and goes with me everywhere. From a grocery list to any idea that pops into my head. I’ve had this journal for about a year now and I’ve been through about three inserts with it. The Expedition is the perfect size and refillable which I think makes it one of my favorite items we have at Rustico.

- Lincoln Gygi, Data Brand Manager


High Line Medium Pouch 

I take the High Line Pouch when traveling and there are a lot of items that it can fit and are easily kept together. Deodorant, and retainers or ziploc bags with Q- tips and other small items that I can keep in one place. I’ve taken it on the last three vacations and I can set it on the hotel table and have everything there and not have to search my suitcase. 

 - Melissa Ercanbrack, Promotional Brand Specialist


4. Sidekick Leather Cord Wrap 

Everyone always takes a phone charger when they travel, but in the process of packing, I put my Sidekick Leather Cord Wrap in to help remind me to throw a charger into my luggage. It also helps me keep my cords untangled and not getting mixed up with clothes and other travel things.

 - Melissa Ercanbrack, Promotional Brand Specialist


5. Tahoe Travel Duffel Bag 

I love and use my Tahoe Travel Duffel Bag daily. I use it as my gym bag and don’t leave the house without it. I have received several inquiries about it. People love the high-end look and quality of the bag. I used to carry a backpack and sometimes had a hard time fitting everything I needed in there like my shoes, gym clothes, and accessories, but this duffel handles that with ease. The additional pockets help with the smaller stuff (keys, phone, and wallet). Overall, it’s an awesome utilitarian but stylish bag.

 - Josh Perez, Production Manager 

This list is just a starting point for some great handpicked items that you can get to prepare for your next trip. Let Rustico help make the journey one you’ll remember.


We’d love to hear about which items help you leave your mark and what experiences they’ve allowed you to create. Let us know at retail@rustico.com. 


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