5 Qualities of Well-Made Leather Bags and Accessories

5 Qualities of Well-Made Leather Bags and Accessories

A well-made leather bag or accessory can quickly become your favorite go-to item. The thing you never leave the house without, and the most meaningful thing you own.

The paths of tradition and trend have met, and leather products are now seemingly everywhere. But leathercraft extends well beyond trend and celebrity influence.

Luckily, it’s easy to separate the well-made from the mass-made. There are 5 distinct qualities and effects of well-made leather bags and accessories:


Leather isn’t a textile not for mass production. Leather products are desirable and worth the investment when they’re unique. When color and texture evolve with use and time, a unique leather product becomes even more meaningful to its owner. Mass-produced, generic items won’t hold or develop character with time. They are easy to dispose of and easy to replace.


Leather is naturally durable, treated or not. It withstands prolonged use and harsh climates – for the owners that appreciate it. Many people look at leather that’s changed with time as flawed or imperfect. Leather lovers believe the opposite, and know how tough top-grain leather is when it’s put to the test.


A well-made leather bag or leather journal is a belonging you won’t want to throw away. They develop a richness with age. They mature. They carry the marks, scents, and memories of our most profound experiences. There may be no product more worthy of being handed down to a child or grandchild than a well-loved leather journal.


Flawless leather products don’t even exist in huge assembly line shops. Hides contain imperfections that give leather goods more character and uniqueness. As colorful and intriguing as its owner, leather isn’t meant to be perfect. Appreciate its flaws. Let it breathe. Let it change. Love it all the more.


A well-bound, lightly-treated leather journal quickly becomes an essential travel companion. In moments where we long to escape screens and buttons, a leather journal offers a beautiful, meaningful and rich alternative. Just a few entries made during moments of inspiration, and you’re hooked. (Don’t believe us? Try just a few of our 365-days of journal prompts.) Leather bags are no different. You quickly come to rely on leather sleeves that offer soft, protective covers for your belongings – both at home and neck-deep in an incredible new chapter abroad. Just as leather physically changes over time, so deepens the meaning of the product in your life.


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