5 Reasons to Write in Your Journal Every Day

5 Reasons to Write in Your Journal Every Day

A journal is a powerful tool. It simultaneously provides a place to vent and a place to dream. A place for escaping the tedious nature of everyday life, and a blank canvas for all the things we hope to accomplish.

As powerful and useful as it is, journaling can be difficult, especially at the beginning. But there is treasure to be found for those willing to dive in.

Here are 5 reasons you should make time to write in your journal every day.

Keeping a journal provides clarity

Your journal is a place to explore your fears, frustrations, anxieties, hopes, and dreams. The act of writing things down not only helps us commit to what we want, but it also challenges us to be honest in every word we write. It affords us the time and space to discover how we really feel about different aspects of our lives. And what more could someone hope to gain in this lifetime?

A journal doesn’t judge

There’s something to be said for what happens mentally when we write things down. As much relief as a conversation with a friend can provide, the same is true for journaling. It’s a clean slate on which to document your truest truths, with no judgment in return.

Keeping a journal is a way to leave a legacy.

It’s remarkable how much inherited journals come to mean to the children and grandchildren that receive them. A personal record of your life and every meaningful thing in it is an incredible gift to give a loved one.

Anyone can write a journal

You don’t have to have profound things to say or incredible experiences to document with every entry. There is just as much value in the ordinary, everyday thoughts you have as there are in those monumental experiences – however often they come. Real, everyday life is a beautiful thing to write about.

You’ve always wanted to

It’s rare to come across someone who’s never wanted to write about their life or the lives of those around them in some way or another: the moments they shared with someone else, the trips they’ve taken, the experiences they had, the tiny things they noticed for the first time that brought joy to their lives, etc. Humans are storytellers. We live to hear, read, and write them. No one is immune to that.

To start a journal for the first time or to get back to it, even after a long, long hiatus, doesn’t have to be scary. A pen, a sheet of paper, and binding are all there is. It’s the simplest act, but it’s one that ends up having incredible meaning later in life.


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