5 Reasons You Should Use a Fountain Pen

5 Reasons You Should Use a Fountain Pen

There’s no doubt about it, writing with a fountain pen is a matchless experience. Anyone who prefers this style of writing instrument likely has a unique view on what it means to put pen to paper. As journal enthusiasts, that’s us too. Writers understand the importance of a good pen, including bestselling author Stephen King. Fun fact: He wrote his novel Dreamcatcher entirely by hand with his fountain pen, calling it “the world’s finest word processor.”

Here are 5 reasons you should use a fountain pen:


1. Writing is More Effortless

If you’ve ever done a lot of writing in one sitting, you know the hand-cramping that comes with it. This makes it difficult to imagine that Stephen King handwrote a novel of 620 (typed) pages in just six months as he was recovering from a car accident. What he, and many others, will tell you though is that fountain pens make writing more effortless. The ink flow is different than other types of pens, so you are able to put little to no pressure to the paper.


2. You’ll Have Neater Handwriting

Neat handwriting is a concern to many and you may not even realize that the pen you’re using has an impact. Reducing hand fatigue certainly contributes to neater handwriting, but the slower and more controlled rhythm a fountain pen requires helps a lot too.


3. They’re Long-Lasting

The refillable nature of fountain pens means you can find one you love and use it forever. The workmanship and hardware tend to be higher quality as well since these pens aren’t designed to be thrown away.


4. You Can Customize Them

Choosing your nib and ink are two simple ways to customize your pen. Nibs come in different shapes, sizes, and types of metal—all of which affect how your writing looks.

If you’re used to selecting between black or blue ink, prepare to be amazed! You won’t believe the number of choices out there. 


5. They’re Classy

Because fountain pens are made with higher quality materials, they really stand out among their disposable, plastic counterparts. Imagine signing your name on an important document with a plastic ballpoint pen and then imagine signing it with smooth ink flowing from the shiny nib of a fountain pen. It’s a different experience!


If we’ve convinced you to start using a fountain pen, we’re excited for your new writing journey! You will soon find that you have seemingly endless options and you may be wondering what fountain pen to choose. To hopefully simplify the shopping process a bit, our collection includes a range of options from beginner pens to more high-end pens and those in between.

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