See the Zodiac Collection

See the Zodiac Collection

Looking up at the stars as a means of navigation is a skill as old as man. This science is one of the oldest forms of Astronomy. To this day, the starry sky remains a source of direction and inspiration. Regardless if you're searching for Polaris or simply admiring the glistening stars above, you can now take the night sky with you. 

We've taken two of our most popular leather journals and customized them with the Zodiac signs. Whether you're a daily horoscope fanatic or simply love astrology, we've created a unique collection inspired by the night sky. 

Night Sky Journal

This Zodiac Night Sky Leather Journal will provide the perfect writing and journaling platform for your thoughts. The debossing includes all 12 signs of the Zodiac and is offered in both our classic Traveler Journal form and in the Expedition Notebook



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