Adventures in Southern Utah

Adventures in Southern Utah

Every good adventure, at least for my friend Brad and I, starts with a crazy idea. In this case, back in 2014, we saw a video of Devin Super Tramp do the Insane Rope Swing. We looked at each other and said, “Yeah… we can definitely do that”. Soon after, the planning started. We watched the video multiple times, showing it to friends and getting an idea of gear that would be needed and all the boring, but important, “homework” part of planning something like this. After about a year of saving, planning, learning, and teaching, it was time to set a date and let the fun begin.

In March 2015 we filled our truck with all our gear and headed south. Packing all the gear in with only 2 people was a real workout but worth every step. Setting up the jump and rigging the equipment took a majority of the day, along with double and triple checks. Wanting to make sure everything checked out and was safe, we threw the Dummy… He lived! We announced it was a go and now the fun could begin.

I was the first up to jump, I couldn’t help but think back to two years prior when I jumped the Corona Arch. This was completely different. Jumping this time there was a full 4 seconds of slack in the rope where I was in a complete free fall. The distance was also a huge factor. If you ever get the chance to look off a 400-foot cliff, do it. Then just think about how hard it would be to tell yourself to jump. Despite knowing all of your equipment is completely secure you still have your doubts. I knew that we over rigged everything so it was definitely safe, but then you have to be a little bit brave or crazy to step off the edge.

man slacklining in canyon

Three of us jumped on the first day. After being secured to the rope line, one by one each of us ran right off the side of the cliff to a free fall rope swing. My excitement may have not shown until I was in the backswing but it was the adrenaline rush of a lifetime.

On day 2 we had the rest of our jumpers as well as a few random friends we made along the way joining in on the jump. They did everything from run off the side, backflips, gainers and a bat hanging from the high line set up nearby; we only had to give a two finger push to one .

man slacklining in canyon

Everyone had an amazing time and the day ended around a campfire swapping stories and listening to friends play guitar as every day should.

We had plenty of help packing the gear out and we headed home. We celebrated by going to Ray’s Tavern and getting some of the best bacon burgers in Utah. The drive home I kept thinking about how I want to Leave My Mark- by creating as many opportunities for myself and others to get up off the couch, walk out the front door and DO something. Anything. Getting outside is always a good idea.

Plan ahead, BE SAFE and always invite a friend!!!



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