Bullet Journaling Tutorial December 2019

Bullet Journaling Tutorial: Plan Your Month

There are an infinite amount of ways to set up your bullet journal each month and what’s nice is you can alter the setup from month to month to suit your varying needs. The video below shows how we built out the month of December. See the basic monthly setup guide we like to use and you can get as creative as you’d like with the following 5 steps.



  1. Pick a Theme

Picking a theme adds a fun, personal touch to your journal. Your monthly theme will influence the look and style of your spreads and trackers. Some examples of themes are jungle, the 80s, ice cream, or flowers. Click here and here for more ideas.


  1. Make a Cover Page

The cover page will be the first showcase of the theme you choose. You will want to write the name of the month and you can also add an inspirational quote you’d like to focus on for the month. There will probably be a lot of negative space on this page, so you can take this opportunity to add a lot of doodles related to your theme. Get some inspiration here.


  1. Create Your Monthly Spread

This will be your overview for the month. You will need to create and label a calendar, write in the month, and also add some sidebars for notes and goals. Feel free to personalize this section as needed. For inspiration on monthly spreads to try, click here.


  1. Add Trackers

You can track just about anything in your bullet journal and the trackers can be simple or more complex. Some of the most common trackers are habit trackers, mood trackers, and fitness trackers. You can switch these up each month if needed. For example, you can dedicate space for planning an upcoming vacation. For tracker ideas, click here.


  1. Create Weekly Spreads

Weekly spreads allow a deeper look into the week. There is a lot of room to customize these spreads to fit your needs for the month. Sometimes you’ll have a busy week and need more space to write in events. Since each week can greatly vary, there is the option to create your weekly spreads week by week rather than all at once when the month begins. See weekly spread ideas here.


Here are our top two notebooks that are perfect for beginners or experienced bullet journalers: Expedition Notebook and IDEA Notebook.


Now you’re all set. Here’s to a meaningful and productive month!

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