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Spend Time in Nature

Hannah Kycek (known on Instagram as Hatchet Jane) is an outdoor adventurer, writer, and photographer, who enjoys finding quiet time to herself while in nature. Take a few minutes to read her perspective on stepping outside and what it does for her. 


"I was once told I had the roots of a tumbleweed. I took it as a compliment, though I believe it was meant as a slight. I decided whatever metaphor I embody, I hope I am an authentic one.

I've long carried resentment towards mans' creation of time. There are 24 hours in a day; in order to succeed by societal standards, this model of time dictates where I should be and what I should be doing to keep up with the masses. 

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 I love using the Miner's Mug for my morning cup of brew while I write. 

Nature has served as my creative muse and escape from time since I was a child. It satisfies my curiosities of the world around me and, most importantly, the role I play in it. I've experienced no greater sense of home than when I am immersed in the world, miles from the nearest manmade obstruction. 

Instead of waking up to the incessant "beep" blaring from my alarm clock (that I contemplate destroying on a daily), I am greeted by the refreshing mountain air filling my condensation riddled tent. Instead of desperately searching for the "snooze" button, I search for the zipper that unveils the warm sunrise that quietly greets and urges me to enjoy the majestic scenery. I do not browse my personal/professional email or social channels because "airplane mode" is triggered and the phone itself is about as useful as a paperweight. I don't adorn a meticulously picked outfit or make sure my hair and make-up are "on point." I am wearing the same clothes I have for days and my hair is so tangled it's best to simply ignore it. If I am traveling with companions, their faces are lit by the flames of a campfire and not their phone screen. Leather composition cover and leather journal


I've never been a fan of trails unless they were created by animals. Whether I am hunting or merely backpacking through the wilderness, any return to nature evokes a primal nature. There is a soothing stillness in the dense timber that I cannot describe. My senses are alert, and my mind at ease. All questions, doubts, ailments, or existential crises (since the rest are plural), in general, are mended. After a long day of exploring, the most gratifying action is removing my boots and peeling off a pair of sweaty socks. My muscles are sore, and I am tired and hungry. I can stare out into a scenic abyss and bid farewell to the sun while welcoming the moon. 

It is in these moments that I can truly fathom how impermanent life is. I am disconnected, living how I see fit and free from the mundane.  

These unique places exist in all of us. We travel to them in order to maintain both our physical and metaphysical health. We can channel our inspirations and aspirations by submerging ourselves within those places and in turn, replenish our creative silos. It is here that we unknowingly create the as-if-it-were yesterday memories that propel us forward during the day to day life. They act as soothing, nostalgic blankets for when we find ourselves dreading life's repetition. 

Our lives are not recalled by the routines we carry out, but the fleeting moments that remind us why we are here and what makes life magical. So, I challenge you to go where you feel most free as often as you can. Whether it's a simple walk to the mailbox, a local coffee shop, your backyard haven, or resting under your favorite tree. Don't forget to write it down either!"

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We appreciate Hannah taking the time to share some of her writing with us. You can find more of her content by following her on Instagram @hatchet_jane

leather journal and composition cover

 The Writers Log with the Snap Cover Closure and the Composition Cover have become two of my favorite Rustico items.

We'd love to hear about where to spend your time and what it means to you to retreat into nature. Tag us on social @rusticomade to tell us about how you find peace in the present moment and where it is you retreat to. 


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