Different ways to use your journal

9 Different Ways to Use Your Journal

We have a lot of obsessions in life and journaling is one of them. Some of you are natural writers and can effortlessly compose page after page. Others are modern-day Picassos sketching brilliant works of art on a whim. For those of us who are not there yet, we have some ideas you may enjoy next time you start a blank page. 


1. For Personal Reflection

The best project you'll ever work on is yourself and journaling can help you get there. It's a great way to create some space for yourself and the benefits involved in keeping a journal can include self-care, boosting creativity, strengthening self-discipline, and improving your overall health. 


 2. At Work

Next Monday meeting, skip the laptop and bring a journal. It pays to be in the moment and show whoever has the floor that you are fully there. As efficient as laptops are, they can be distracting. No one enjoys trying to talk to someone only to see their head buried in their device. See our recommended notebooks perfect for any meeting.


3. For School Work

Each semester will demand the very best from you and it will benefit you to have the right gear. Find the right notebook for your needs and carve out a pathway toward a 4.0. If you need something more versatile to help keep up with your coursework browse our collection of leather binders to get the job done.


4. For Your Hobbies

Ask an avid fisher what they value and silence and solitude would top their list. They also appreciate the ability to make detailed notes of the perfect catch! Browse our wide selection of leather log books built for several sports. Our diverse selection only keeps growing and we have journals for the hunter, golfer, beer tasting lover, wine connoisseur and more. 


5. For Art

If you can't describe it with words, try drawing it out! An art journal is an excellent canvas for your scribbles, sketches, and painting. There's no wrong way to express your thoughts! Get creative and try including tangible materials in your artwork such as glitter, craft paper, stickers, flowers, and whatever your heart desires. For daily inspiration, see our journal prompt page.


6. On-the-Go

You'll remember more when you write things down. If you think about it, there is a curve to forgetting and the odds aren't in your favor. Stop relying on your memory and take note of the moment right then and there. Pocket journals can help you achieve this meanwhile leaving your hands free.


7. To Document Your Travels

If you've got an itch to travel and everywhere is on your list, start creating a travelers notebook. It's a great way to jot down all the different countries, people, cultures, and experiences you've come across. Have some fun and throw in airplane tickets, postcards, pictures, train ride receipts, and more collectibles along your journey in a centralized keepsake. See our templated Globetrotter Travel Journal here.


8. For Your Wedding

The big day is coming and it's easily one of the most important days in a couple's life. Whether it's your wedding or someone you know, capture the love and joy of celebrating the eternal bond of marriage in a journal. Our Guest Book is a fantastic way to collect heartfelt entries. Or try something new and provide a big blank canvas for the masses with our accomplished Big Idea Album as shown above. 


9. For Bullet Journaling

Own the day with a bullet journal. It's a great way to stay organized, measure goals, complete to-do lists, and control your schedule. Perhaps one of the best things about a bullet journal is you customize and modify it to match your unique style and preference. 


Whether you're a daily journaler or just getting started, we can all use a break from the norm and try something new. We hope you enjoyed the different ways others have used their journals and notebooks. Browse our full collection to see complementary items like bags and pens to help you leave your mark.  


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