Attaché Case or Messenger Bag

Attaché Case or Messenger Bag

From campus backpack to commuter shoulder bag, personal luggage and the daily carry bag has come a long way. An attaché case and a messenger bag may be seen as identical items but they function differently and are suited towards different needs.

For a long time, the most common varieties of personal carriers were the briefcase and the attaché. Before that, people carried personal satchels made from goat hide or calf leather. Most clothing did not yet have pockets sewn in, so a small satchel was carried. 

Fast forward years later, and the upper class and members of parliament needed a bag as a symbol of status to subtly tell others they were important. The word attaché is French and refers to a person within an administration or an ambassador. These ambassadors and staff members carried important legal documents around in slim cases that became known as attaché cases. Nowadays, an attaché case is typically used for carrying only a few items, such as loose papers and a laptop. There are usually two distinct, but symmetrical interior compartments. They’re often built using a combination of leather and metal to create a minimal carrying bag

Where does the messenger bag fit into this equation? It started to gain popularity in the 1950s in cities such as New York and Chicago. They began as canvas shoulder bags used by telephone linemen to carry around tools while working above the city streets. These bags are seen today with commuters, especially those that bike or walk to work. They are noticeably different from backpacks and most attachés because of their single over-the-shoulder strap. 

Messenger bags function primarily as a carry for someone that takes their productivity tools with them. Sometimes we overload ourselves and a sturdy bag is essential when leaving for the day. Books, a laptop or tablet, and a notebook can all be found within a typical messenger bag. It has a classy look,  in addition to its ability to get rugged and travel all over with its owner. 


At Rustico, we have prime examples of each one. Both our Diplomat Attaché and the Surveyor Messenger Bag are rooted in the purpose that each comes from.

For the Business Exec. 

The Diplomat Attaché Case was designed with the working executive in mind. It provides a secure carry and adds a touch of class. We’ve also recently added an over the shoulder strap option to make traveling to and from work easier. The top grain leather exterior protects your work essentials and will develop a character to its appearance over time. The clean and presentable look of the Diplomat allows it to fit right in with our other premium leather products. 


For the Commuter 

Leave your mark with a bag built to last. Our Surveyor Messenger Bag is the most versatile bag we’ve designed so far. It features one large compartment with a divider for a laptop, two interior pockets, a solid leather reinforced base, and front zippered pockets for keys, phone, and other immediate needs. It's available in both a waxed canvas or all leather design both of which make an eye-catching first impression. 




Which bag do you prefer? One of them fit your needs better and based on how you approach your day you’ll know just what works best. These awesome bags are two in a wide collection that we are proud to offer.

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