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A while back we published some facts about a popular trail here in Utah called Mt. Timpanogos (Timp for short). It's a very attractive hike for so many reasons. It has stunning views, beautiful beds of flowers and you can come across families of mountain goats. It sits high at 11,752 ft and can take hikers anywhere from 7-12 hour to reach the top and back.

Those who summited Mt. Timp this summer may have encountered something new and leather bound at the top. We wanted to commemorate this special hike just a little more by adding one of our lasting and spacious Big Idea Album's up top so hikers can leave a note of their trek, an inspiring message for fellow summiteers or simply record their name.

Several drafts later, the design was near complete but lacked a final touch. We wanted the front to have a cool image on it and with the permission of our talented friend, WasatchAndy, we were able to add his custom artwork of Mt. Timp onto our cover. It was now ready for the next step.

hikers on a mountainside

Our production team got the green light to build this special order and once complete, members of the Rustico family embarked on the trail in the early hours of a Saturday morning. Six hours later, the team had reached the summit and placed the first ever Rustico Summit Series log book in the steel frame house.   

leather journal big idea album

It didn't take long for bystanders to notice the new leather book our team had just planted. After explained to hikers the purpose of the log book, individuals and families gladly began to record messages, leave notes and draw pictures of their journey up top. 

leather journal big idea album

Mt. Timp is so loved during the summertime, it can expect anywhere from 700 to 1,000 hikers reaching the top on a given Saturday.

After two and a half months of collecting entries and enduring mixed climates, we sent some crew members back up the trail in October to retrieve it. Mt. Timp is the second highest mountain in Utah's Wasatch Mountain range and is known for starting out with warm, friendly temps at the beginning, but as you elevate, it's no stranger to encounter chilly winds, unpredictable thunderstorms and it sits so high that it hosts a glacier year round. In fact, the optimal window to summit this trail begins in late July and ends in early October. 

As a result, our logbook was exposed to heavy rain, blistering winds and snow. A fan who reached the top in October saw our log book and captured this photo below for us. As you can see, the journal has taken a beating (including frostbite) but remains intact. 

leather journal big idea album

Behind every Rustico product, there is a purpose and promise. Each piece we handcraft is skillfully built from strong raw materials designed to inspire you to step outside, explore, live intentionally and leave your mark. It's our purpose behind each product. The logbook is now back home where it sits in our office today. 

leather journal big idea album

leather journal big idea album

leather journal big idea album

Congratulations to everyone who made the summit this year and big thanks to all who left their mark in our first ever Rustico Summit Series Log Book. We'll be ready to hike up next year's log book at the end of July 2018 and if you'd like to be a part of the trek, contact us here.  

As always, leave your mark. 

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