Fall Colors

Fall Colors

New year, new me. The mantra we have all heard and said as we plan out our new year’s resolution. And it is a favorite procrastination technique. As autumn rolls around we head toward holidays and maybe realize we dropped some of the goals we made at the beginning of the new year. We stopped exercising as much as we hoped, we aren’t tapping into that creative outlet we aimed to focus on, we just let things drop. Life gets busier and busier, especially around the holidays, and how easy is it to say, I’ll try again in January. New year, new me.

But what about Autumn, it’s the season of change! Don’t be afraid to attack those goals now! Perhaps one of those goals was stepping out, appreciating the world around you more. Well, the leaves are changing, so why not you too? And leaf peeping is the perfect start. If you wanted to exercise more, go on a run in the crisp fall weather! Wanted to tap into your creative side? Bring some color pencils and find a good spot to sit and start working. Maybe your goal is to focus on the world around you and find positivity, so step out. Take a look around you, make some goals!

Here are a few fall foliage destinations to start with:


Copper Harbor, MI

Because it’s located on the Keweenaw Peninsula along Lake Superior, Copper Harbor has its own unique climate. In the fall, this means astounding fall foliage. The trees are radiant, covered in red, orange, and gold leaves. Peaking in late September- mid-October, Copper Harbor leaf peeping is best a little later in the fall season than other midwest locations. Grab some apple cider, settle in, and take a drive through the Tree Tunnel off of US-41.


Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is rich with hiking trails, drives, and picnic stops and is well known for an out of this world fall display. The peak time to catch this nature show is later in the season, generally the last two weeks in October. It’s been noted that the best way to appreciate the true spectrum of color is to drive along a portion of the parkway through various altitudes, this allows you to see a wider spectrum of colors. So pick a spot in Tennessee, North Carolina, or Virginia and hop on the parkway!


Portsmouth, NH

If you want to see some of the leaves change, but aren’t looking for hikes or drives, head to Portsmouth, New Hampshire! The fall leaves are most vibrant around the first two weeks in October, and they are celebrated by the town with an annual fall festival. The coastal town has trails to stroll down, parks to relax in, inns, lighthouses, and plenty of shops and bakeries. It’s a perfect little town to take in the fall leaves and maybe try your hand at sketching while you relax.


Check out our Chronicle Artist Book to take with you on your leaf peeping expeditions! Try your hand at sketching and share some of your creations with us by tagging @rusticomade.

See how far along the leaves are changing in your part of the country by visiting Smoky Mountains Fall Foliage Prediction Map.

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