Finding Your Outlet

Finding Your Outlet

Think back to your last getaway. Maybe it was a week-long vacation or a long weekend, or maybe even just a well deserved normal weekend after a week of deadlines, expectations, and demands. You finally got an escape. Think about the moment you walked into your hotel room, bed and breakfast, AirBnB, or wherever you stayed. Like most of us, the first thing you probably searched out was where the outlet was to charge your phone and laptop.

Why is it so important to find an outlet?

Well without an outlet, without the transfer of energy it provides, our phones, Apple watches, laptops, etc. would die. They’d wear down to almost nothing and then power off completely, unable to perform the way we want and expect them too.

So where is our outlet? Why do we put the recharging of our devices before the recharging of ourselves? We too have demands that need to be met, and goals that have to be accomplished. How do we get that same transference of energy?

Are we taking the time to seek out an outlet for ourselves?

A series of studies published in the 2010 issue of the Journal of Environmental Psychology found that we feel more alive after spending even just 15 minutes a day in nature. The lead author, Richard Ryan, states in his reports that “nature is fuel for the soul...a better way to get energized is to connect with nature.” The studies continue to show that the simple act of recalling past outdoor experiences can increase feelings of happiness and vitality. Simply remembering our adventures, replaying the scenes, the feel of the fresh air, the rumble of thunder, and the smell of wildflowers will bring us more joy in our lives.

Fifteen minutes a day! A quarter of an hour outside can literally make us feel more alive. Connecting with nature and being a small part of something bigger and more beautiful than we can even imagine… that is what gives us our energy back. It’s what inspires us and gives us light back into our daily lives. Imagine how our lives would be impacted if we made nature a priority in our lives if we sought it out.

So let’s find our outlets! Whether it’s hiking, fishing, camping, kayaking, surfing, or just going on the occasional stroll, find it! Find it, record it and hold those memories close! Keep a record of the secret spots around you, make a record of what you see and your experiences, and share it. Unplug from the expectations, the stresses, and the responsibilities of life, find your outlet and recharge.




Use a Rustico leather journal to record your experiences as you find your outlets. Enjoy the journey!

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