Candle Scents Pop Quiz

Candle Scents Pop Quiz

While winter is usually when you find yourself cozying up inside, many holiday memories are created outside. Cherished moments are easily traced back to the sights, sounds, and especially the scents of the holidays. There are certain scents that are more prevalent during the holiday season and they can evoke feelings of nostalgia such as pine trees, cinnamon, and orange. They make the holiday season unique and inspiring. Many family traditions such as baking a favorite dessert create those unforgettable aromas

Holiday Nostalgia 

There are plenty of childhood memories that revolve around some of our favorite smells. A fresh pie out of the oven, sneaking candy canes off the tree, and opening grandma’s recipe box to find cards still smelling of vanilla are all moments not easily forgotten. Take a look at some of our favorite scents!

People often yearn for the past because it’s familiar and comforting. If and when we ever feel lonely, all we have to do is recreate those timeless feelings through well-loved fragrances. It’s human nature to want to be connected to others and the holidays provide the perfect time to do so.

Set the mood this season by filling your home and other desired places with a few of our favorite aromas. Our carefully crafted candles are designed for those times you can't get out and explore. Invite the outdoors inside with these unique candles.

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