How Rustico Products Are Created

How Rustico Products Are Created

In our world, craftsmanship is key. It’s the focus of every product line and what we won’t do without when bringing a product into your life.

We get a lot of questions not only about how Rustico products are created, but also surrounding the fabrics we choose to work with.

Let us get you better acquainted with the craftsmanship behind every Rustico product.

Quality Materials That Define Our Trade

A finished product is only as good as the pieces that form it.

Quality leather is the heart of our company, and we’re proud to work with American top-grain cowhide. In many cases, much of this leather would otherwise go to waste. The uber-polished manufacturers won’t take it for its flaws.

Us? We’d pick it above everything else.

The leather we work with has a raw and natural finish. That includes a handful of scratches, a little color variation, and a lot of potential. It’s free of many of the chemical treatments other leathers undergo, leaving it with a rich, natural touch and smell. It’s the kind of leather we’re proud to carry around because it truly becomes our own. The oils from our hands, local climates, trips, packing and bending all play a part in shaping it. No two pieces will ever look the same after use, making them truly unique to you. And still, it’s easy to care for and appreciate for years.

But we don’t stop with leather.

While cowhide is our passion, we’ve found that waxed canvas and certain types of wool also hold big spots in our hearts.

Why Waxed Canvas?

It has the unique ability to hang with leather – it lasts through everything and becomes your own with the experiences you undergo with it. And to top things off, there aren’t many looks that can beat the leather and waxed canvas combo.

Why Wool?

There are some products that are made even more meaningful with the right amount of warmth and a little softer texture. We started working with wool on a particular set of journals first. As soon as we held and experienced the finished product, we never looked back. Because we love it, we use it sparingly, carefully deciphering where it does and doesn’t belong.

Our Commitment to Craftsmanship

In recent years, leather shops have been popping up one right after another, touting authentic products that are made to last. The reality for most of these shops? They buy cheap, sell cheap, and ultimately, produce a cheap-looking, cheap-feeling product.

We don’t subscribe to that method.

Once we’ve perfected a product concept built around form, function, and beauty, we pick the materials that enhance it. From solo leather to a leather-canvas combo, to wool and leather together, we carefully select materials that allow you to have a better experience using it.

From there, we choose thread and binding that will make it last – without dulling its authenticity and beauty. Whether machine-stitched or hand-sewn, our final crafting method is chosen carefully to enhance each product in all the right places.

There’s a lot of uniqueness in the core areas of our shop, but there’s a consistent commitment to create products that inspire all to live intentionally and leave their mark.

It’s a difference we wear proudly that influences every part of our craftsmanship.

Come, see for yourself.

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