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How to Start a Love Diary

If you happen to be in a relationship, whether it’s a rocky start or long-time solid one, a love diary is one of our favorite ways to maintain a meaningful connection in our fast-paced and easily distracted lives. It’s perfect for those touchy subjects and issues that can spark an argument when said out loud. Also for times when you aren’t seeing enough of each other and there isn’t enough time in the day for those pressing conversations. At the very least, you can use this idea simply as an additional channel of communicating with each other, documenting memories, or planning events. Or simply because it’s fun!

First, get yourself a love journal. We like a templated journal because it makes starting easy. We created one you can check out here. If a blank journal is more your speed, we have tons of those too. Second, find the time to journal together. Setting aside the time can be something you both look forward to. 

Unlike a “classic” diary that you only keep for yourself, both of you will take turns making entries in this journal. It’s probably best that you agree in advance how much, when, and how frequent you would like to make your entries. Obviously, a few more or less lines isn’t a big deal but if one party fills a few daily pages and the other just adds a buzz word every few months, the entire idea falls flat. How this works in practice depends entirely on what suits both of you. We recommend making it a habit and setting a specific day and time to do your writing.

Whoever starts writing, don't overthink it (there’s no wrong approach). Write whatever comes to mind. If you’re stuck, write something you would like your partner to know for that week. Then return the book to the previously agreed upon place. Now it’s their turn. They read your entry and can either respond, add something new, or start a different subject. It’s only important that you take turns. If you want to jazz up your entries, try amusing replies – possibly a photo, a sketch, a poem, an inside joke, a cutout article, or even a pressed flower.

This is the best part about it: you decide the rules. There are no limits to this experience. 

That’s it in a nutshell. We’re excited to see what you create! What's your favorite thing about keeping a love diary? Let us know below.


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