How To Transfer Photos to Your Journal

How To Transfer Photos to Your Journal

Sometimes your journal needs a little internal pizzazz. Why not add some oomph by adding photos to the pages? Instant photo-to-paper transfers add life to your journal by attaching a correlating picture to your most recent journal entry.


Technique #1: Blender Pen 

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This method of transfer involves a blender pen and a photocopy of your original photo.

1. Flip your image face down on your journal page.

2. Cover the entire back of the photocopy with your blender pen. Remember that the image will transfer as a reverse of the original (like looking in a mirror). The goal with this step is to fully coat all areas of the photograph; you should be able to see a faint outline of the photo when the area is fully saturated.

3. Slowly remove the photocopy from the journal page, and the final product should be a mirror image of the photocopy you used.



Technique #2: Wax Paper

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The wax paper method of transfer involves wax paper, an ink jet printer, and a credit card (or something similar that’s smooth and sharp).

1. Cut the wax paper to match the size of printer paper, 8 in. x 11 in.

2. Place your wax paper into your printer very carefully. One edge should be under the rollers and the whole sheet should be wrinkle-free. As you print you will need to gently guide the wax paper out of the printer to make sure the ink doesn’t smear.

3. After the image has printed onto the wax paper, quickly place the ink side onto your journal page. Once the ink has touched the page it should not be moved. Work quickly and carefully.

4. Take your credit card (or similar object) and gently scrape the wax paper to transfer the majority of the ink to the page.

5. This final step is the most important: When peeling off the wax paper, make one swift movement. Do not drag the wax paper from its original place or wiggle it around to remove it. Pull firmly and slowly in one motion to view your transferred image.



Technique #3: Water Slide Decals

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The water slide decal transfer method involves decal paper and Krylon acrylic clear coat spray.

1. Print the image on the decal paper following the instructions on the label.

2. Let the decal paper dry for 30 minutes.

3. After 30 minutes (or when the paper is completely dry), spray it with 2-3 coats of the clear coat spray. Let each layer dry before applying a new coat.

4. After the last layer is a dry, place the decal paper into lukewarm water for 10-30 seconds or until the decal fully pulls away from the paper.

5. Place the decal onto your journal page and remove the backing paper for a beautiful photo transfer.



Technique #4: Paint Remover and a Spoon

The spoon method of transfer involves a photocopy of your original photo, paint thinner, a paint brush, and of course a spoon.

1. Place the color photocopy face down onto your journal page, making sure you tape each side down to ensure it doesn’t move during the transfer.

2. Pour paint thinner into a container and use the paintbrush to coat the back of the photocopied image. The image should be visible under the paint thinner. If you cannot see the image, continue to coat the photocopy until it is visible.

3. Let it dry for five minutes.

4. Take your spoon and gently rub it over the entire image. This will help transfer the ink without damaging the journal page.

5. Slowly lift the color copy off the page until it is fully removed and you can see your transferred image.



And violá! Four ways to instantly jazz up your journal with a photo transfer.

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