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Archive with Purpose: Keeping a Photo Album

We’ve designed some great photo albums that last forever. They can be taken anywhere and provide a timeless look. Two great options are the Journey Leather Album or the Family Photo Album. Both are perfect for saving your own photos and make thoughtful gifts, especially when personalized. Take our challenge to live with intention and depend less on technology with your own photo album.

If your childhood resembles ours, then you can remember your mom stopping you, your siblings, and friends every so often to take a picture. It seemed like whether you wanted to or not, you shared your childhood years with the family camera. You may have rolled your eyes at the time, but that’s because you didn’t realize that you’d later be grateful for those precious pictures. Before Instagram, filling an album with photos was one of just a few ways to showcase them.

Although you knew of its importance, it always became that project you didn’t want to tackle. The process of taking and sharing pictures is much easier now thanks to technology and the emergence of the smartphone. However, with the convenience of this digital age we live in, a physical photo album becomes a truly treasured memento.

Let's talk about how to start an album and why you should keep one.


How To Begin 

Images from your phone’s camera roll can be printed right at home. Create pages one month at a time and sort by the event. Keep an album for every year with special events and trips documented. Store your album, photos, and supplies, in a dedicated space. Always have extra blank pages available for pictures you may have missed. You don’t have to look online too hard to discover tips for creating a great-looking, organized album. You can even add a little more color to the inside of your journal by transferring photos to the pages.

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Why it’s important

It’s a Great Way to Display Your Photos

Photo albums are the perfect way to store, organize, and proudly show the pictures you value most. Keep an album full of photos on a living room table as a great way to reminisce with friends and start a conversation with guests. Kids love shuffling through the pages of an album and it can be a good way to share family history with them. It feels great to leaf through the pages of an album with your hands. It’s a sensory thing. You feel those plastic sleeves fall as you flip through them and their years of recollections. 

What about those horror stories of someone losing images on their computer from a spill or drive crashing? You feel safe with your backup drives, online “cloud” storage, etc... It could happen to you. Take the time to create a photo album filled with the pictures you would miss most should they be lost. You'll thank us later.


Life is Full of Special Moments

From birthday parties and sports games to vacations and weddings, your photo albums preserve life events that are deeply important to you. Preserve those occasions so you can revisit them. Candid moments are especially fun to remember. Combined with your journal, your photos will serve as a reminder of unforgettable times.

leather photo albums and journals on a wood floor

A Legacy Left

The most important reason to keep a physical photo album is the way it contributes to the legacy you’re leaving. Your photo album combined with your ongoing journal become powerful life tools.

If you’ve been lucky enough to inherit an old album from a family member or friend, there are ways to rescue and create a digital version. Having the ability to scan, label, and store old pictures help you preserve and pass down those memories.  

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one precious life.” - Mary Oliver


Watch the Pearson's talk about why they love to use a photo album and how to store photos inside. Go follow the rest of their fun adventures on Youtube



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