Least visited national parks

National Parks Flying Under The Radar

At Rustico, it’s in our DNA to step outside. It’s where our CEO & Founder, Isaac Childs, gained inspiration to craft his first journal, the Traveler, as he trekked the world. From those expeditions, Rustico was started and the rest is history. To this day we remain inspired by the moving world around us. 

Based in Utah, we are spoiled with adventure; home to the Mighty Five National Parks, stunning red rock formations, and beautiful, rich-mountain getaways. As US National Park Week approaches, it’s a great chance to hit the road. In case you didn't know, admission to all US national parks is free on Saturday, April 21st.

Clearly, we think Utah parks should sit at the top of your list, but take a look at some of the least visited national parks across the land. 

Great Basin National Park, Nevada

Great basin national park

Find unexpected diversity in the desert! Great Basin is the only national park in Nevada and although it gets overlooked by many, let their loss be your gain. This park offers a wide list of activities including picturesque hikes through bristle-cone pine mountains and cave-dwelling through the extraordinary Lehman Hill Caves. Visit Nevada's only glacier located in this park and end your day with the beautiful views of the night sky, a highly sought-after destination to stargaze. 


Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska

Gates of the arctic national park alaska

One of the last truly wild places on earth. Gates of the Arctic has surreal stunning views and sights. With no roads, trails, or established campsites it's a backpacker's dream. Those trekking through this rugged and untouched park are encouraged to have a good understanding of outdoor survival skills. If possible, consider a flight taxi in for a memorable experience. 


North Cascades National Park, Washington

Cascades national park

The Pacific Northwest needs no introduction when it comes to the outdoors and it's a surprise this park gets overlooked. Next time you find yourself in Washington state, be sure to add the North Cascades to your agenda. Enjoy eye-catching views and hikes on foot, horseback, bike, or boat. 

Black Canyon Gunnison, Colorado

black canyon national park

With scenic, steep cliff views it's a shocker this park doesn't get more visitors. Black Canyon is a hidden gem for climbers and boasts Colorado's tallest vertical wall, the 2,250 ft Painted Wall. If rock climbing isn't your thing, enjoy fun hikes along the rim, camping, and celebrated river explorations. Don't forget to look up at night! Gunnison has been designated as an International Dark Sky Park for its cosmic views. 


Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

dry tortugas national park

While you may have heard of the Florida Keys, but did you know it's also home to Dry Tortugas National Park? You can find an old fort dating back to the 19th century, Fort Jefferson. You'll have to catch a ferry or drop in by seaplane to get to do your exploring. Experience unbelievable snorkeling and diving through crystal clear waters, tours through historic Fort Jefferson, and spot incredible marine life and lost shipwrecks in this lovable coral haven. 

Isle Royale National Park, Michigan

isle royale national park

Completely surrounded by Lake Superior, this is another park you'll need to take a boat or small plane to reach. Explore 165 miles of trails and 36 campgrounds at Isle Royal National Park! Crossing frozen water bridges to originally settle on the island, wolves, moose, and other wildlife tend to keep their distance from visiting humans. Isle Royale was designated part of the National Wilderness Preservation System to conserve as a prime example of North Woods Wilderness. This park holds the title of being Michigan's only national park and is the only park in the country to completely close down in the winter time. 


We hope this helped spotlight some National Parks you may not have known existed and inspire you to step outside and explore someplace new. Travel in solitude, learn rich history, and experience new quests in some unique parks across our country. Do your part to sustain our treasured parks and leave your mark by leaving no trace. 

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