Mark Maker: Chari Pack of Persnickety Prints

Mark Maker: Chari Pack of Persnickety Prints

Extra attention to fine details might feel like more of a rarity these days but, for Persnickety Prints, it’s what they do every day with every order. Owner and founder, Chari Pack, built and funded the company on her own in 2010 and has reached some impressive milestones since then. Just this year, Chari appeared on Forbes’ Next 1000 list—a list that spotlights entrepreneurs of small businesses. With all she has accomplished and all that Persnickety Prints stands for, naming Chari a Mark Maker was a must.  



A Love for Photography 

All great things begin with passion and passion is something Chari has had since she was a young child. The money she made babysitting was used for buying and developing film and her first entrepreneurial experience took place in 5th grade when she created and sold a yearbook to her classmates. During her high school years, she filmed highlights at football games and edited video for her school’s TV channel. 

Later in life, she learned digital imaging and discovered it was difficult to find affordable, high quality prints. It was 2009 and photo labs were closing due to the digital uprise, but Chari had a bigger vision. With a love for photography, an insistence on quality, and a belief that the digital world can’t replace tangible photographs, the idea for Persnickety Prints was born.  


Fussy About the Small Details 

In the first three years of business, the Utah-based company saw over 500% growth. In 2014, Utah Valley Magazine named Persnickety Prints one of the top 30 fastest-growing companies. Clearly, the demand for photographic prints was alive and well and people were responding to the next-level quality. 

Persnickety Prints is “fussy about the small details” and it sets them apart. Big-box photo labs place their emphasis on speed, so the quality and service are generally lacking. At Persnickety Prints, you don’t have to choose whether you want speedy printing, quality prints, or good customer service, because you get them all. Each photo submitted for printing will be looked at and optimized before making its way to the darkroom. In fact, the digital files are converted to digital negatives so they can be processed like film. After printing, every photo is quality checked.  

Combined, the darkroom technology and the premium matte photo paper create archival photographic prints that are resistant to fading, scratches, fingerprints, and water. Not only will these prints outlast others by generations, but you will get vivid color reproduction, natural-looking skin tones, and life-like texture and sharpness. No ink is used in the darkroom and this is why the prints look better while also being resistant to aging and wear; in fact, page protectors aren’t even necessary. Simply put, this is the printing process and photo paper to trust with the preservation of your memories. 


Persnickety Box 


Described as being “like Tinder for your camera roll, minus the drama,” Persnickety Box is Chari’s latest innovation for getting top quality prints in your hands every month. For those who have hundreds, or even thousands, of photos on their phone, Persnickety Box makes it easier than ever to print out those memories. All you have to do is install the app on your phone and drag photos from your camera roll. Once you’ve added 30 photos to your Box, review and close and then your 4x4 prints will be delivered in 5-7 days. Give Persnickety Box a try by using the Persnickety Prints promo code jrnl642 for 50% off your first Box! Once you have your prints, put them in our leather album created specifically for 4x4 prints.  


Check out Persnickety Prints on Instagram and learn more about Persnickety Box here. For helpful photography tips and free printables, head over to their resource-packed blog. 

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