Moab Adventure Guide

Moab Adventure Guide

We know you’re thinking to yourself that Utah is for skiers, gracefully gliding down snowy mountaintops in high elevations. And yes, it is. But, there’s a saying around here, a thought process that dictates a lifestyle really, and that is “Utah is rad.” And because Utah is so rad, it’s so much more than powder and skis.

In fact, Utah is so rad, it’s home to 40 state parks and five national parks—two of which, Arches and Canyonlands, are near the 5,000-person town of Moab. Let’s say you want to hike, Moab has it. Feeling up for some mountain biking? Moab. Off-roading, rock climbing, even base jumping? Moab. Moab. Moab.

National Parks

Few things in life will take your breath away quite like visiting Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park. Located just four miles north of Moab, Arches is known for its more than 2,000 natural sandstone arches, including everybody’s favorite photo opportunity, Delicate Arch.

Canyonlands is just what it sounds like—four districts of intense canyons spread across 572 square miles of what author Edward Abbey once called the “most weird, wonderful, magic place on earth.”

Off-Roading and Mountain Biking

If you love the rush of racing down a trail, you’ll be floored with the opportunity that the world-famous Slickrock and Porcupine trails give you to take your mountain bike through the trails that run through Moab’s red rocks. And you won’t find scenery like this anywhere else on the planet.

If riding in a Jeep or off-road vehicle is more your cup of tea, no problem. Slickrock and Porcupine trails also provide more than 40 miles of off-road vehicle trails; the perfect way to sit and enjoy the beauty of Moab while still feeling the rush of adventure as the wind is blowing your hair and the sun is beaming down on you.

Of course, Slickrock and Porcupine Trails are great, but your above average mountain biking skills might be more inclined to the technically challenging and jaw dropping Captain Ahab trail that has quickly become the pride of Moab mountain-biking regulars.

Whichever trail you end up choosing for mountain biking or off-roading, one thing is for sure: the scenery will steal the show.

High-Adventure Tours

In the mood to get your blood pumping, heart racing, and palms sweating? We know you are!

And fortunately for you, Moab offers everything from hot air balloon rides over the vast canyons of Canyonlands National Park to zip line adventures spanning beautiful canyon rims and even speed boat tours that cruise the Colorado River right alongside Arches National Park. Basically whatever kind of high adventure your adventuring heart desires, you can find it in Moab.


There’s no reason you shouldn’t eat well on vacation. You’ve spent the money to take the trip, so don’t skimp when it comes to mealtime when there’s good food all around you!

A tourist favorite, Eddie McStiff’s has a menu for everyone. Whether your taste buds crave a pizza, tacos, fish, or even something gluten-free, their menu doesn’t disappoint. And make sure you order dessert. Your dining experience at Eddie McStiff’s isn’t complete unless you order dessert.

Now if you want a hometown favorite, Milt’s is your go-to lunch stop. Since 1954, this drive-up stand has the juiciest burgers, tastiest hand-cut fries, and sweetest milk shakes that’ll have your mouth watering after the first bite. Take your adventure mindset to your taste buds and try their Buffalo Burger instead of their beef one (you won’t be sorry you did). But keep in mind, Milt’s is popular so expect a short wait and they’re closed on Monday.

If you’re wanting to stick to your healthy diet, look no further than Eklecticafe. The best way to start your day off is with their huevos rancheros that pack a nice little bunch of heat, and then for lunch try one of their wraps or organic salads. And on a nice sunny day, make sure you take your plate and eat outside on their covered patio.

Being active necessitates good food, and the Moab-area restaurants make sure you’re fed well so you can adventure hard. Oh, and another thing you don’t have to worry about is packing nicer clothes. Most restaurants don’t have a strict dress code so feel free to wear your shorts and flip flops every time you grab a quick bit.

No matter where you go in Utah—especially in the Moab area—there’s an adventure and good food awaiting you. And no matter what season of the year you visit this outdoor adventure capital of the United States, there’s a hike or trail that fits your outdoor needs. But figuring out which trails and activities to do can sometimes make you really indecisive. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Use our amazing guide to the best hiking spots in Utah to help you choose the trails best suited for your experience level and for whatever time of year you’re visiting.

So grab your journal, grab your camera, and make some memories.

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