Mt. Timpanogos Logbook 2018-2019

Mt. Timpanogos Logbook 2018-2019

On July 21, 2018, members of the Rustico team hiked Mount Timpanogos to place our annual Summit Series Log, which we intended to pick up just a few months later. Utah had other plans.


Mt. Timp Summit Series Log

Back in 2017, we started the tradition of hiking our custom Big Idea Album to the summit of Mount Timpanogos. The purpose of what we call the Mt. Timp Summit Series Log is for fellow hikers to leave documentation of their climb. Those who reach the top can sign their names and add a date, or jot down a quote or inspirational message about their ascent.

 Check out our video for an exclusive inside look of the Summit Series Log


Mount Timpanogos stands at nearly 12,000 ft. over Utah Valley and is covered with snow for much of the year. The hike is best made from July to October when temperature is optimal and the trail is safest. Round-trip from trailhead to summit is about 14 miles, taking the average hiker about 10 hours. Many choose to start their ascent in the early AM in an effort to reach the summit in time for sunrise. This popular trail is strenuous and reaching the summit is a great accomplishment.

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Winter 2018

After we place the logbook each year, we plan to retrieve it prior to snowfall. This means that the log stays at the summit for about 3 months. The snow arrived earlier than anticipated last year and we were forced to leave the logbook up on Mount Timp for over a year. Needless to say, we were anxious to see what kind of mark a year of seasons had left.


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Back to the Summit

Over Labor Day Weekend, we finally retrieved the log. Over the course of a year, the logbook sustained freezing temperatures, harsh snowfall, rainstorms, and strong wind. The result? It survived, has weathered beautifully, and is a testament to the enduring quality of our craftsmanship.

We thank everyone who left a note over the last year—there were a lot of you. We have placed a new and fresh logbook back at the summit so your entries can continue. This time we have added twice the number of pages.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your journey!


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