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Notebooks for Your Maverick Leather Log Cover

The Green Military Book is an ideal notebook to use with our new Maverick Leather Log Cover, but there are a number of other notebooks that can also be used. We recommend any of the following to pair with your Maverick.

 Recycled Notebooks by Guided

o   These notebooks are refreshed and demonstrate a sustainable design. The ReWrite kraft notebook features rounded corners for a smooth look, and improved binding and perforated pages.

o   These original recycled notebooks are American made and are the perfect choice for journaling junkies.


5” x 8” Hardcover Custom Journal from Blueberry Ink

o   A variety of colors and constructed from a “nice to touch” material make these notebooks some of the best.

o   They feature a bookmark and an envelope on the inside back cover and are available in 12 colors to fit any personality.

leather green military log book refillable 

Dots 5 Pack of 5” x 8” Notebooks by Northbooks

o   This 5 pack of notebooks is simple, yet sophisticated and the perfect size for journaling, daily planning, and note taking at home or on the go.

o   The dot grid pattern is ideal for bullet journaling and they are made 50% post-consumer recycled paper that is soft enough to remain pliable, but still sturdy enough to not bend and crease.