Packed My Bags And Moved In An Airstream. Life On The Road With Junior Reid.

Packed My Bags And Moved In An Airstream. Life On The Road With Junior Reid.

The moment we realize life is full of choices, something great occurs. Suddenly, each day reveals its opportunities and our attitudes change. Decisions are inspired by a purpose and purpose is fueled with intention. That's what we're all about here at Rustico, living intentionally. 

Meet Junior Reid. He's a contractor from Arizona who's traveling the country with his son, George. His destination is not a location but rather a journey - life on the road and enjoying every minute of it. His camper isn't your ordinary mobile home either, Junior is a proud owner of a restored '71 Airstream. Currently, he is exploring the wonders of the west and journaling his experiences along the way. He consumed just enough wifi to sit down and chat with us a bit about his travels. 

Where are you from?

I was born and raised in Las Vegas Nevada, but I've lived around Phoenix, Arizona most of my life. I like living on the outskirts of town. Black Canyon Ranch RV Resort at the base of the Bradshaw Mountains is great, it feels like home. I'm also fond of Leaf Verde RV Resort in Buckeye, especially during Major League Baseball spring training. 


Tell us about your home on wheels?

My camper is a 1971 Airstream Overlander. It's 27 feet long, and the crazy thing is, it seems like this trailer found me, in fact, it wasn't even my idea.

My mother likes to restore things, and she had mentioned to me that she wanted to restore an Airstream. I'm a contractor, and a few months later, while walking a property to bid on a project, I noticed this trailer, which had been abandoned for decades. It seemed like it was calling out to me. When I asked the clients about it, they said they just wanted to get it off the property. So I worked out a deal with them to receive the Airstream as partial payment for my work. I called up my mom and said, "guess what ?... I got you an Airstream! ". It was one week before Mothers Day. She was really excited but said she needed my help, so we teamed up for the restoration, and we own it together.

Once I got involved, I took a real liking to this trailer. We completely gutted it and did a total renovation. When it was finished, she told me " this trailer is not meant to be in a garage, take this thing on the road ". The rest is history. It's one of those experiences that you just look back on, and realize it had an unexplainable way of coming together. It's amazing because prior to the Airstream, I was at a point in my life where I felt disillusioned. Somewhere during the restoration process, I too was restored, and my strength was renewed. 


What’s your destination?

Our next stop is Newport Dunes in Newport Beach California, but my destination is the road, and the road must eventually lead to the entire world. It's like Steve McQueen said, "I would rather wake up in the middle of nowhere than in any city on Earth". You just got to get out there and see it all. 


What sparked you to get a journal?

Like Airstreams, Rustico Journals are quality products that are not only built to last but in fact, get better with age. Time and experience do not take a toll on these products. Instead, they produce character and personality which are priceless. In the end, you've got a journal that's been right along side you, every step of the way. Might have a few scars, but that's alright, it's got a story to tell. 

Sometimes, you hear things or think things that are worth putting down on paper. I journal in order to capture truth. I like to think of my journal as a book of wisdom, based on my experiences, and the lessons I've learned. I plan on giving my journals to my kids someday, and hopefully, they'll pass them down to their kids, and likewise.

To live in the hearts of those we love is to never die. So leave your mark, and if it's going to be a permanent mark, then you're going to need a quality product that will last, which is why I choose Rustico Journals. 

In his poem Golden Days, Robert Service talked about how everyone is keeping a journal, whether they realize it, or not. It's a spiritual journal, it's what you do with your life. Every morning, when you wake up, you've got a blank page, and what you put on that page is going to last for eternity. He describes what a shame it is that for many people their pages will be hard to look at, although there might be a few that shine like gold, hopefully. He concludes by making it his ambition, and his prayer, that "every day may be a golden one". I intend on doing the very same thing. 


To keep up with Junior's adventures, be sure to give him follow on Instagram. To chronicle his travels, Junior uses the Traveler Journal and to see our full line of leather journals and notebooks click here

We want to know what living intentionally means to you? Leave a comment or share an experience below. As always, leave your mark.

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