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Our Top Picks for Mid-Range Pens

While there are all different reasons to collect pens, choosing one to commemorate a celebrated occasion is most inspiring to me, but whatever your reason is, it is wise to have a plan.  The possibilities are endless and personal, but every time you use that pen, all the memories, hopes and dreams from that day can be renewed.

I know a guy who bought his first expensive pen when he graduated Med school and he still uses it to take his patient notes today. My brother celebrated the birth of his first child with a fancy pen and he still uses that pen to document the funny things his kids say. A once in a lifetime trip, your wedding day, a new job, your military service, the day your special someone passed. When to buy a special pen is limitless.

We seek the mark makers. The originals. The individuals and companies who pave the way in innovation, craftsmanship, purposeful design and generosity. So we’re honored to curate pens from companies that are killing it in all avenues. Here are our top picks for mid-range pens.

  1. The Lincoln Tornado Fountain Pen in CopperOur friends at Retro 1951 make some fine writing instruments. Writing with a fountain pen is a true joy that must be experienced to fully understand. It’s constructed of all brass that has been plated in an antique copper plating like your lucky penny. It comes with medium steel nib, two black ink cartridges and a converter. And it’s packaged in graphic tube.

2. The Tornado Fountain Pen in Black: Also from Retro 1951 but this one has black acrylic barrels polished to a high shine and complimented with shiny chrome accents.

3.The Hex-O-Matic Ball Point PenBoasts a sturdy metal barrel and a unique pentagonal knurled grip area, available in Black and Silver. Get the pencil too for the matching set.

4.Tornado Deluxe Bamboo PenDefinitely a unique addition to any collection, the rich bamboo wood contrasts beautifully with the rustic silver twist-top. Engraved with a panda logo and comes with an easy flow refill.

5. The Tactile Turn Glider in Stainless: The main piece that drew us to the glider is the interesting bolt action. One fluid motion advances or retracts the refill. Because the surfaces of both the interior part and the inside surface have been carefully machined to be extra smooth, the action feels amazingly satisfying.

6. The Tactile Turn Glider in CopperTake a closer look at the detail of the ridges! This is sensory satisfaction at it’s finest. Just feeling the ridges in your hand is gratifying.

7.The Tactile Turn Glider in BrassJust like us, Tactile embraces the inherent intrigue of raw materials. We love the gorgeous patina that is allowed to develop, daring you to leave your mark.

Enjoy your pen collecting journey and be sure to let us know if we can answer any of your pen collecting questions.

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