Persnickety Prints x Rustico: A Collab for Memory Keepers

Persnickety Prints x Rustico: A Collab for Memory Keepers

Persnickety Prints x Rustico

We are very excited about our collaboration with Persnickety Prints! Based in Utah just like us, Persnickety Prints is the best, most convenient place to print your memories. The archival nature of their prints combined with their quality control is simply unmatched. With Rustico and Persnickety Prints together, it becomes easier than ever to get your memories in a photo album and preserve them for generations.


100-Year-Old Darkroom Technology

At Persnickety Prints, they use a process called silver halide which incorporates a dark room, light-sensitive paper, and silver-based chemistry. This process produces archival prints that not only look better but also stand the test of time. With premium paper and no ink or toner used, the prints are even scratch-resistant and water-resistant! Here are some other amazing benefits:

  • Vivid color reproduction
  • Deeper reds, clearer yellows, brilliant whites
  • Natural-looking skin tones
  • Clear and detailed highlights
  • Life-like texture and sharpness
  • Resistance to fading for generations


Visit their website to upload your photos and get them quickly delivered to your door. Also, check out their new app, Persnickety Box, that makes this process even easier!


A Premium, Easy-to-Use Photo Album

This is a photo album unlike any we’ve ever created before. Each page has a self-adhesive square that allows you to easily peel and stick your photos. Between each page is a small companion divider page to caption, date, or write the story relating to the photo. With just a pen and a few minutes, you can create a photo album like an expert! Choose from our 4x4 album or our 4x6 album, each with the following features:

  • Holds 40 photos
  • Acid-free photo mounting pages with permanent self-adhesive squares
  • Lined divider pages to caption photos
  • 240 gsm paper
  • Handcrafted with top-grain leather
  • Handsewn binding


Using Your Self-Adhesive Photo Album



Together with Persnickety Prints, we hope to inspire you to print photos of your best memories and put them in a photo album where they will be on display and cherished for years to come.

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