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Preparing for Golf Season

You’re probably not a professional golfer yet (well neither are we), but that doesn’t mean you enjoy golf any less. It’s a hobby that combines exercise, the great outdoors, and time with friends or family. After months of cold weather, it’s time to get out of the office and enjoy the sunshine. Our enjoyment for the game led to this list of unique, but essential items.

person tracking their golf score in a log book

Watch your game improve and track your results with one of our Golf Logs. We craft some original and functional items tailor-made for your favorite hobby. From inside our workshop, we build both a handsewn golf log and a minimal refillable option. If you happen to be looking for an upcoming Father’s Day Gift then our On the Green Gift Set combines everything to create something he will love. Take a minute to prepare for the upcoming season by getting your gear ready.

Here’s how to give some proper care to your equipment:

  • Begin by inspecting your equipment.
  • Wash the face of your clubs and gently clean off any dirt or grass. If they’re rusty and looking used, it may be time to replace them.
  • Inspect your grips, clean them, and if worn beyond repair, consider replacing them as well.
  • If your clubs have adjustable heads take a minute to tighten and secure them.
  • Take a look at your existing golf glove and if you’re on the fence about whether you should get a new one - do it! Retire that nasty old glove and invest in some self-care by getting a new one.  

If you don't have a golf stopper, get one! It’s proper golf etiquette and there are some good ones you can get to match your style and personality.  

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An avid golfer and Rustico’s COO, Eden Vera

So how do you get your golf fix during those cold months? Believe it or not, you can enjoy the game in a few different ways year round. In Utah, the season begins in the Springtime when the temperature is comfortable enough to be outside, but not yet turned up to summer heat levels. Most courses here feature stunning views of the towering Wasatch Mountains and green hillside foliage. Here the weather in Northern Utah differs from that of St. George and within a few hours drive, you’ll find much warmer weather for golfing. Before you leave for the clubhouse there are a few things to do to ensure you’re able to have a good first round.

  • Invest in a golf mat for your office or home.
  • Look into getting a golf net to practice your drive from home.
  • Invest in Chippo to work on your chipping technique during frigid months. If you’re strapped for cash, you can get away with buying some Red Solo Cups and whiffle balls at most any sports shop.
  • Perfect your accuracy by investing in Golf Club Strike Tape to locate where you’re placing the ball on your drive. It goes great with the golf net and this accessory is very inexpensive.
  • If you live near a golf course that has warm weather year round, such as Arizona or Florida, get some buddies together and make a weekend trip out of it.
  • A fun and interactive activity for all skill levels is Top Golf, and yes they have heated patios! You can find one close to you and get in some practice while enjoying the company of friends.
  • A lot of folks don’t do this or realize how good it is, but stretching can prove vital to your overall game. Here’s a short blog with a simple stretch to include in your warmup. The older you get, the more it helps to stay agile and flexible.

Leather golf log books journal

Golf is challenging and it’s never predictable and that’s what makes it fun. And who doesn’t like to wear a sharp outfit? It’s an excellent way to spend your Saturday afternoon, so with your log book in your pocket, you can load up your clubs and hit the fairway!



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