Phoenix Copper Water Bottle Rustico

Phoenix Copper Water Bottle Care Guide

Since its introduction in January, the Phoenix Copper Water Bottle has been one of our most popular and loved products. One customer Donna left this review about it:

"Another Beautiful Copper Water Bottle - Just received my 2nd Phoenix Copper Bottle with Burgundy leather today! Absolutely beautiful! I have had the Ocean blue leather one for about a month and I use it every day. Water just tastes better in it! My blue one has a pretty patina to it now. I'm going to keep my new burgundy one shiny. Buy this! You won't regret it. Now, what color should I order next? Hmmm..."

Along with the overwhelmingly positive response, there have also been quite a few questions regarding the bottle and its features. We hope that the following infographic will answer a few of the questions you may have.

Like a quality cast iron skillet, your Phoenix Copper Water Bottle can last a lifetime if the proper care is given. Please follow the guidelines above, enjoy, and always remember to leave your mark. 

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