Rustico's 7 Hiking Essentials

Rustico's 7 Hiking Essentials

One of the greatest aspects of living in Salt Lake City is being able to drive 30 minutes towards the mountains and having countless hiking trails awaiting you.

It’s becoming easier than ever to get lost in the countless distractions of everyday life. Many of us at Rustico have started becoming more aware of our time and how we spend it, and we increasingly feel the need to ditch the computers, shut off phones, and spend a few hours a week emerged in nature. Here’s a list of what a few of us use to hike up the Wasatch Mountains for a quick escape.

  1. ENO JungleNest Hammock

The JungleNest hammock by ENO is the newest addition to our kit and most of us can’t image life without it. It’s extremely easy to setup – connect to two closely placed trees – and comes equipped with a bug net that really comes in handy. The JungleNest is perfect for relaxing during the day and even better for overnight camping trips – although if it’s getting cold, you might want to opt for a tent.

  1. Stanley Vacuum Coffee System

There are few things better in life than drinking coffee in the mountains. The Stanley Vacuum Coffee System make it easy to prepare fresh coffee anywhere. This system will keep your coffee warm up to 15 hours – which is incredible! Another great benefit is that you’re also able to use the steel pot for food preparation.

  1. The North Face Terra 65

Quite a few of our team members say that The North Face Terra 65 is the best backpack they’ve owned. It has a simple design, more than enough room, and holds up great. We’ve carried up to 65lbs in this backpack with no problem. The straps are designed for ultimate back support and makes it feel like you’re carrying half the weight.

  1. Rustico Traveler Leather Journal

If you’re used to taking notes on your phone out of convenience, getting a Rustico leather journal will change your life. There’s something special about having a place for ideas that’s not polluted with emails, to-do lists, alarms, and random apps, and this journal is the perfect home for them. It holds up well and handles the outdoors flawlessly.

  1. Suunto MC-2/G/6400

Even if you have your phone with you during day hikes, you may not have service in case of an emergency. At Rustico, we have several different brands of compasses, but the winner is this Suunto MC-2/G/6400 compass. Even if you do have service, it’s valuable to practice traveling by maps and compasses as often as possible to not lose that skill, as it is getting easier to fully rely on GPS to guide you.

  1. Nikon Trailblazer 8×25 ATB

The Nikon Trailblazer 8×25 ATB binoculars were recommended to us last year and have lived up to all the hype. They are smaller in size, which comes in handy when traveling light, and we’re still impressed with the visual quality – there’s no downgrade in quality when moving to smaller binoculars. These are waterproof and fogproof as well, allowing you to see as far as you need in any type of weather.

  1. WILD by Cheryl Strayed

You always need a book to lay back in the hammock with, and all of us love WILD. This is an outstanding story about Strayed’s struggle through life during her early twenties and how that led her to hiking more than a thousand miles through the Pacific Crest Trail, Mojave Desert, and up to Washington State all on her own. Definitely check out her inspiration experience if you haven’t yet.

Whether you’re headed out on an overnight backpacking trip or a day hike into the mountains, you can use some or all of our favorite hiking essentials. Need an idea for your next adventure? Check out our free guide to the best Utah hikes in every season.

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