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Same Rustico Quality, All New Packaging!

If you've ordered from us recently, you may have noticed something new in your package.

We're excited to roll out our new packaging for 2018! Say goodbye to shrink wrap and let that leather breathe. It's been over a year work in progress but worth the wait. We wanted to offer something that was able to capture and accurately represent what we're all about here at Rustico - a quality item built to withstand the test of time.

Starting this year, all orders will come in a premium canvas bag in our custom timeless design that is sure to leave an impression. Just like Rustico goods, these bags are built tough and will be long-lasting. 

canvas packaging new

It wasn't just one factor that led us to this change but several. See why we made the switch to canvas.


We wanted packaging that fits our brand and represents an accurate depiction to natural leather; these bags offer a nice, tactile quality touch. Next, leather wasn't meant to hide behind plastic, It's such a tangible product it appeases well to our nervous system. It's great to look at, touch, smell and you can even taste it. Lastly, it’s fun to open the bag almost like a prize waiting inside for you.


These premium canvas bags are made to last. They offer an excellent touch and feel, have a reinforced bottom, firmly sewn sides and close firmly with a double draw, cotton strings closure. 


We didn’t want our new packaging to become another throwaway. This heavy-duty canvas bag is great to receive your new leather creation in and can be re-used for a variety of purposes and will last for several years to come. Store and transport your lunch, collectibles, knick-knacks or even your laundry around in it.


By moving away from plastic and packaging all our items in these high-quality bags, we are abiding to our purpose to leave our mark. This can often be distorted for leaving a physical mark only but by reducing our carbon footprint, it's another way we've found to leave our mark. Together we can help eliminate the amount of plastic piling up in our landfills.

We built seven different sizes to fit all of our designs just right and each item will come with a custom tag to identify the contents inside. So whether you're buying for yourself or gifting for a friend or family, these canvas bags will add just the right touch to your new Rustico keepsake. 

If you were received one of these new bags and you're repurposing it, we want to see. Send in a photo how you're reusing it to for your chance to be featured. As always, continue to leave your mark.